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Yang because and kids everything comes out sideways they could beat us screaming at everybody all the time and there are underlying issue is anxiety so apparent thinks a child may have it they go to their doctor they get a diagnosis of anxiety so now walk through what that parent is going to need to do to help that child overcoming sitea well the first piece is educate themselves because knowledge is power and the more they know about what's going on the better and healthier decisions they can mack to address the problem and anxiety choice orders are so treatable but just like other things take some hard work and have to realize that from the getgo the first piece goes back to basics good healthy nutrition consistent aerobic exercise good sleep staying away from excessive technology use extremely important there is no simple easy fix and unfortunately we live in a society where we often want those simple easy answers for complex questions but after diagnosis is made the first part of treatment as education and getting kids and parents to understand their concept of a false alarm that we talked at that their body is acting as if there is danger when there is no danger at saint danger danger even though there is not an parents and kids need to come to understand that avoiding it in the short on again makes them feel better but in the long run causes anxiety to worsen to walk into your anxiety parents i hope you're enjoying my conversation with dr rexy we need to take a quick break don't go anywhere we'll be right back.

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