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Positive We're GONNA. Do something we are in the in. By. You, know I. Don't like how iceman became gay. I. Think it was very very poorly because i. was outed by Jean Grey twice. Let. You. Don't get to tell somebody else their gay. It was near an uncomfortable for me, so you know but sure I guess. You're trying this. Yeah, and then Inter textual a on that the idea, then we can tie that story of him coming out back to the fact that in the original story. He's the one person the didn't hit on Jean. Grey because obviously, he wasn't interested for that reason not because he was far too young. We just. The context is hard. Everybody knows the point is relying where in defenders. He has a relationship with wild with a non binary. That be male and female and he doesn't know that. He has a relationship with her while she emailed when she turns. Mail is very clean. Way Out. North because it's much more convenient to make him having always been day so I think at this point I kind of want to. Heaven. A little bit in that we have spent the better part of. One entire episode and half of another episode talking about. X. Men as text conceptually in these big umbrella terms. We haven't actually talked about. Any X men stories at all. We've been talking about the series in about the franchise, but not about the stories so much and I think that there are several points at which the X. men as taxed. Does some really super interesting things narrative? That may be of interest I I will say before we go into this part that up until now, if you're not an X. men comic book reader I. Think You probably still been able to follow along pretty. Yeah, I think if we start getting into specific story lines I see this as a message to our listeners, but realistically I'm saying this as a message to our two guests. We may we may need to do some prep work going into some of these storylines to let our readers come along with us on a little, a little narrative Jeremy a little. Are you telling me that everybody knows what Alpha flight is? Is that what you're trying to tell me? Like, you know mouth brings up the NORTHSTAR wedding and I'm like. Yeah, that's really really super interesting. You have to be X. men reader to know what that like. started popular I didn't. Get Light. So right, right? We have all the way back to nineteen sixty three to play really. But if you're not an X., men reader, dear listener, you should understand that the x men comic books really happen in five very distinct eras. It's like the dinosaurs and the Paleozoic in the Mesozoic in the Jurassic and triassic..

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