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Very easy to spot for a teacher. I show a shelter over I punch you at teachers like, Hey, stop when girls bully it's we're all sitting at a table. You sit down and everyone just gets up and walks away. And it's like now you're crushed like teachers can't get in the way because they can't see in some ways. It's I. Think it's easier for for boys because there's at least the confrontation it I'm GonNa kick your ass after school or something was like well, maybe it does get your ass kicked maybe you fight back whatever. But then it's over over where's with girls it's this constant kind of grading and you can't just fight them. You have to fight back in this weird way. The same thing i. i. also do think that I think seeing. All the shit that's out there online. It's like you know kids are seeing like most and I think seeing all the kind of like instagram models and and like trying to. Sign and that's I think we've really damaging. Thank your best skin because a filter and right and then you see people and I had this to. I. See People at their best on their vacations. Yeah. I don't see them board clicking. The TV channel up to present them something. Yeah. Awesome. I tried to tell my friend trade to like, Hey, can you show a real version of your kids spilled milk? Real version of Motherhood Yeah. Yeah. Whenever hairbrush I think to that degree like to me I just I I go like the only solution that there is is that parents have to get on top of the shed and hopefully there can be enough demand that there's things like you said like more parental controls and things like that. But I think I just think that's like the only solution out there out in terms of like the stuff of how it. Degrades the culture. It's like. I think that. The algorithm almost is going to be it's going to magnify us. So if you know what I mean like if you have people who are like a twitter is the most negative one. If you drop a pin prick and drop drop of negative blood in twitter, it's a feeding frenzy like marks right if you drop a pinprick into a of negativity like I hate this place into a Church Group A church group now if fucking. Wolf. That was. Just go back to being nice 'cause they don't feed off of that. But if you pinprick in that group on autistic hit eight, three pointers, they're gonNA around the feeding frenzy on positively right because we get what we. So to me. It's like what what you need nobody I i. Yeah I. Think the kind of I get what you're saying but like it's like so to me, it's almost more like the real solution to all of this shit is you need to like raise your kids you know lovingly and well, and you need to like treat people good and we need to stop pumping that poison into society and to me I look. At much more of that is like like the woke shit coming out of universities, the Falcon poison of like the Corporate Press Shit like that. You need to stop pumping so much poison and and Otherwise it's going to result in my friends think is now a backlash I've also talked to people who have daughters that are fifteen who hate millennials yeah. We think millennials are just at each other's throats all the time, and so I'm hopeful that. We're not doing that see nobody.

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