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The job done right julianne moore is what does best zone autozone homerun derby bracket really changed the format is used to be number of home runs hit and then certain most would move on now it's head to head so hey sues agile are is your top seed surpri insert your own opinion there he's going against the eighth seed reese hoskins who's the guy who came up last year with the phillies and hit a lot of home runs is not hit as many this year alex bregman will take on kyle schwartz it's bryce harper against freddy freeman the two most familiar names and they're going head to head only one of them's gonna advance and then as max muncie the guy who was in the minor leagues all of last year and had never done anything in his cups of coffee in the in the majors in his burst onto the scene with the dodgers he will take heavier baya's nineteen home runs in seventy two rbi so there's your homerun derby bracket it is not star studded other than bryce harper who's doing it because the game is in washington baseball a lot of people have been critical that this is it's one thing to you know try and promote some other guys but this is taken it too far too many guys that people haven't heard of i mean reese hoskins gimme gimme barry bonds wait a minute each every every time he says all right you like that's your idea of having a form of about some current guys that you would like to see that are doing it that aren't in the home under dug about judges stan they did do it last year agassi trout yeah you know i would like to see any any infielder on the cleveland indians pretty much ramirez man we talked about that jose ramirez said he talked it over with his manager with tito francona whatever with team they said well we're going to the play offs and it's important to be fresh for the plans i mean come on the playoffs are in october this is.

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