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Nash wrecked shut the door yep dortha which basically in 1983 treasure hunt creator regis hauser under the alias max vallon ten hit a bronze statue owl somewhere in the french countryside and whoever found it would win the golden al currently held by a legal protector in paris and valued at one million francs provided eleven clues whose whereabouts accompanied by illustrations from sculptor michael becker easily found on line it has never been found and main now n never be found because valentin passed away into those nine wild yet in 1997 he revealed that someone had been very close to discovering the owl as he hadn't noticed just that as he had noticed disturbed ground very close the burial site there are also those who have not come to close including one overeager treasure hunter who ended up burning down a chapel in pursuit of the owl it remains the longest unsolved hunt but has ever been created by someone rap code yeah it's the french treasure but i like this one because there's a giant bronze owl so you get the bronze though that if you if you find the poems out that he had given a gold out which has d i read that carter yeah yeah souza bronze statue owl somewhere in the french countryside you right and even realize it this makes it so much more interesting sorry i'm freaking out now so you find the token and then you bring the to the golden now we know it exists and like someone someone is the legal protectorate in france they just have the gold now.

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