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Next in josh arias booker career. I had a to. Let's say emily two or three at the time. In two thousand five. She was three. I had a young daughter. I was buried at the time. I was focused. Well spoken sounds really trucking around a lot i i was. I was trying to be bad. And because my kids My daughter was everything to me at the time and I i don't know. I'm trying to find the right way to put it but yeah i was. I was in atlanta i. I had didn't move to vegas. How come and i was Because action junkie. And if i had moved vegas. I would've been a regular spearmint. Rhino and i would have done a lot of bad thing more than i did But yeah i wanted. I wanted my kids to grow up with family. Because i didn't have it So it was one of the main one of the main reasons. I stated grants because my dad was there and my brother. He was there and my wife at the time She had family there. And i want my kids to grow up with the like i did. I grew up with my dad had My dad had seven brothers and sisters but they all lived in israel So i did grow up. And i didn't know my bob so i literally had no uncles grandmother grandfather here. Nothing it was just basically me up brother my sister and my dad so so he's looking atlanta. Yeah i think it makes it makes sense especially like with young kids you know and also sort of understanding your weaknesses as as a poker player percents. Yeah i probably don't need to move to vegas. Because i mean no matter how much money you have it can all it can all turn into dust in the middle of the night in vegas deaths and it would definitely bows two hours to rich to you and I would have it would have been it would have been fun but It would have been it. Would looking back I've made plenty of mistakes along the way. But i wouldn't change anything that i've done. I'm always i live in. I like to live in the bullet and living today and everything that i do is a lesson along the way so i don't ever you'll never hear me say i wish i did this. I wished i did that. It's always you know learning from that experience and building from that experience like a kid right like you're sitting with your emotions. In how do i do. I learned from going broke. What i learn from this mistake. How to become a better person So since you're living in a land what games were you playing in like. During this time. I guess online poker was quite big and you were a full tilt pro. But i don't know how involved were with them. Yeah yeah i played a lot I played a lot at first. I was playing Bo dog was my first sponsor. And i played a lot dog in then Then i moved over to full. And i had always played a lot online I've always Mixed it up with the the geniuses playing high plan the nosebleed limits. I fared very well until Poker like poker evolve like around like brian hastings. And taylor that all those guys that like really turned it into a numbers game which it is now. I did really well. It's still that came along that. Because the fact that i didn't want to study and i didn't think that you could. You could do a poker action based on some numbers that you spe- and i was wrong and i think that though because like in the beginning you talked about how you knew this game of math whereas disconnect i i just because i was i was gullible to believe that i could be successful. No matter it was it was ego driven It was the fact. May i've made all this money. I don't need that shit and add I was badly wrong. And so i went through a few years of losing and Failing to it was the first time i liked that. I really failed to notice that what i'm doing wrong And i woke up from that finally after a few straight years losing like i think and because of the fact that i don't really love poker that much that played into the part like i didn't wanna start i didn't want to. I didn't want to look at this stuff because it was hard for me to comprehend. And and then. Finally it just dawned on baby noattacks if you're not gonna do this stuff that you have to. You can't compete.

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