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Hit the contact him I'll get to them I'm trying to do it by region you know I hit Brooklyn already queens I'm now starting to flex out hit Westchester the Bronx out hit New Jersey Staten Island and I'll get to all these places and personally get back to you like we did to Jacqueline just go to guardian angels dot org hit the contact tab and leave your information and that's a service we're providing here W. A. B. C. nobody else is doing now are you our city not the state no but are you specifically going to all these places are having representatives of the because I know some of the people that you know the B. that met me with a claim you know happy Colin so I on the corner yeah I still remember right right so I always get people who know me in the facility who want to come out and talk I got to somehow get away from the bureaucrats because they were in fear it's not that they don't want to talk to me they've been made to believe by their owners most of these are privately owned and this state supervised in New Jersey by Murphy Cuomo in New York that if they say anything you're not only going to jeopardize their job but they could be banned from the industry well first of all I told you that I have a friend who works as a nurse in one of these nursing facilities on Long Island I mean she doesn't want to obviously say who who's your name but I mean I feel like we can get information there are there have to be people who are working at these places that are listening to the show that want to give us the scoop and we're not gonna get you in trouble we just want to know the deal just feed me the information to us and I'll be able to follow up on it to make sure it's accurate and then reported to everyone and put the pressure were the pressure needs to be placed I number is one eight hundred eight four rate W. ABC that's one eight hundred eight four eight nine two two two follow.

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