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And then on a happy name as we say in iceland yeah muscle tough you tony that'll beauty dea smallest country to ever qualify for the world cup by over a million people move for their story we've talked about law we've made to fill which you can see on our facebook page we've had a wonderful dentists to a manager he may homolka sent on the port listen to that port and learn america i mean he said after that qualification the after the euro's he said the toughest thing to do would be to restart and do it again said this after his team beat turkey threenil in turkey topping a group that included ukraine and croatia i wanna say is difficult second albums guy what iceland of just deliver deserved their way from the volunteers never mind and public enemies it takes a nation a millions to hold the spratly navigated at grew a vis they had a blueprint they invested in coaching look can learn look can learn and love and a belief you may only be three hundred thirty thousand people but millions of americans are going to be cheering for you my ashland dick friend you know they're going to be true and against england in the group stage right oil most inevitably it's going to be like sugar ray leonard versus thomas hearns to yet another way iran saudi arabia and also egypt to qualified which just missing north korea they've never will be just like a courageous will capable towing politically wanna say congratulations also to one of my favorite jeff peas ever tim k hill roach.

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