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Take back your territory kingdom? Let's begin. Hey, king. The moms, welcome to the very first episode of the kingdom, mom podcast. I'm Lindsay Anderson. I am going to be your host on this kingdom mom journey. And I wanted to take this first episode to really introduce myself and talk about what you can expect from the kingdom on podcasts. So this is actually going to be a shorter episode than most of the others end. You're going to hear me talk a lot more in this episode than any of the other episodes because kingdom is going to be mostly mostly an interview podcast, meaning that we are going to be interviewing some amazing moms some amazing women. Not, not all of them are even mom. Some of them are just experts and things like business and whatnot. But. I wanted to just quick jump on this very first episode to kind of introduce the podcast introduce myself. So like I said my name's Lindsay. I'm the founder of hoping homeschool dot com and kingdom mom coaching, if you've ever told me that I would be a mom coach. I probably would have laughed in your face, or few to told me that I have a homeschool blog, I probably would have laughed in your face. I never viewed myself as an expert who should be coaching anyone. And I never thought that I would home school my kids. I literally that freaked me out. I never thought I would do it. So the fact that I'm now hosting a podcast about kingdom, and that a mom coach in the kingdom coaching community, and I have a home school blog that shows that there's a God right there, and that he can redeem things. So, you know, when I started my personal motherhood Jerry, I was working temp job in student loan collections. Absolutely hate. A my job, a husband and I were living in a tiny tiny apartment. And our marriage was not doing well shortly after we got married or shortly after we had our first child, I actually did get a better job. I got a job. You know, finally cubicle job where it has my own normal sized desk. My own computer and I was working in the health insurance industry. And I really felt like I had like made it had a solid job. It was Monday through Friday. I no longer had to work weekends. I no longer had to work evenings. I had benefits like I absolutely loved that job. But my marriage was totally failing, and there was actually a short season where I packed up my baby and I left my husband and you might be saying, wow, why are you a mom coach? Like, why are you now teaching people about marriage and parenting and identity and income streams, because it doesn't sound like you know what you're talking about. But if you fast forward a few years, because, now it's seven years later, and, you know, I no longer work at that desk job. I we were able to create multiple income streams, all of them started from essentially nothing. I would say the majority of them started from nothing. And my marriage is completely restored. We now have three daughters and I work from home. I, I have various income streams that I manage one of which is the hope in home school blog, and now the kingdom coaching community and so- kingdom really came about because after everything that we had gone. Three it only paid off about eighty thousand dollars worth of debt and we started doing, like lots of personal development, cell development and really kinda getting our lives. Together, we I had a lot of women coming to me asking me for help and asking me for advice. They knew wanted help in their parenting. They wanted help in their marriage. They, they wanted help specifically growing their income, and I thought, wow, like, why are all these people coming to me, the reason why because we were having results in those areas, and I don't say that to brag, I say it because we had people pouring into us and coaching us at the time. And so- kingdom, actually got started because I had so many people coming to me for advice that I literally did not have time to help all of them. And so I said, there's gotta be a better way to do this. There has to be a platform where I can reach all of these people with this message without. Like individually working with people, because I was like, if I individually worked with people, I'm going to have to charge like a crazy amount for it to be worth my time, and I'd rather people like pay a little bit and have access to a ton of information than paying a giant chunk and getting me for an hour. So thus the kingdom coaching community was formed and the reason why we started the kingdom on podcast is because, you know, the coaching community. It's all it's me talking for the majority of the time, it's a lot of, of information, my experience and me telling people about what we've done in specific areas, like creating income streams, and how we healed our marriage and, you know, all of our mindsets and things like that. But there are so many women who've personally helped me along this journey, who have amazing lessons for us and have. I've been through things that, that I don't have experience. And, and so the kingdom podcast is I wanted to give you exposure to these women, and I wanted you to be able to learn and be healed through their messages. And so what we're going to be doing is you're gonna get furthermost part. We're going to be doing a series of interviews with each guest's. So, you know, it might be anywhere from two to four interviews, per guest expert, and basically, because I want you to have time to really get to know them. And for them to really give you all of the information that they have, and for some people, we've already done several interviews at the time that I'm recording this some people already know that we're gonna have to have back because even four episodes is not enough to get all of the good stuff, that's in their brain, so. Yeah. For the most part, this podcast is going to be interview style. There may be a few episodes sprinkled in there where it's just me and I do some specific coaching on certain things. But for the most part is going to be interviews, a couple of things to note, I wanted, just tell you what is Cain demaim because this is not going to be like, most Christian mom podcasts out there. And there's some really great Christian on podcasts out there, and I listened to them. This one's going to be a little bit different. This one is not going to be like fluffy. And I know everybody says that, but number one, you might hear us cuss a little, so we're gonna try not to, but you might hear it like we're about, like, grace, not perfection. This is like we're real people. And yet, we're not we're not the pollyanna perfect Christians round here. So I hope you're okay with that. We're real. And then also we're going to be talking about some really like deep stuff. We're gonna be talking about some things that might be hard and a lot of these podcasts episodes, like we were laughing. And crying I, I would highly recommend some of these episodes, you might want to have some tissues around, because you might some emotions might come up when you're listening to some of this stuff like we're talking about trauma. We're talking about grief recovery or talking about, like we're going to be talking with a friend of mine, names, Taryn, who basically went from completely depressed, suicidal totally absent as a mother to being redeemed and her motherhood journey. We're gonna be talking about broken marriages, we're gonna be talking about things like infidelity. We're gonna be talking about the tough stuff. So this is not going to be like a. Jesus loves me Coon by kind of a podcast. We are going to talk about Jesus, though, for real quick. I want to go over what are the phases of kingdom mom. So kingdom is the core of king demaim. And if you join our coaching community, you're gonna see this right away. It's kind of our roadmap to becoming a kingdom. There's five phases of kingdom and phase. Number one is all about at identity because you might be listening to this, and you're like, what does marriage marriage and like all the stuff have to do with parenting. I thought this was called kingdom. Mom, y'all has a lot to do with it has a lot to do with it. And that's why there's five phases to kingdom phase. Number one is all about identity and being really solid in who we are in our identity in Christ because we believe in the kingdom coachee community that you're part of a Royal bloodline, if you. Believe in Jesus your father is literally, the king of kings, and that makes you royalty. You've been grafted into a Royal bloodline, and that means that you are a Princess because if your daddy's king that makes you a Princess and we're not talking about, like the pretty pretty dresses. And like the Disney Princess okay, I'm not saying you can't wear dress, and can look pretty. We're in talk about that, too. But this isn't about the Disney Princess kind of Princess when we're talking about kingdom mom and being a Princess. We're talking about reining ruling taking territory. We're talking about loving your subjects and we're talking about living in the thority that you actually have came. So the. I phase of kingdom is wrapping your head around that because a lot of people like we just don't walk around, like royalty. We don't walk around like the Queen of England even though really, we have more thority than she does. So we're gonna talk about that phase. Number two, is all about marriage. And this stuff is going to help you even if you're not married, if you're divorced. If you're single mom, the stuff is still going to help you because we believe that, can you guys hear the crying baby. Real real life. I'm really among her dad's up the stairs. Taking care, though, anyway. We believe that how you interact in your marriage, or if you're not married, how you view marriage. How you teach about marriage to your kids has a lot to do with how they are going to interact with other people as an interacting, their relationships, as a dull tes, so finding healing in your marriage or healing in your heart about marriage, as lost or marriage that needs to end because we understand that sometimes you do need to walkaway, maybe an abusive relationship, there's different situations. We get into that align kingdom, but, like still how your heart is positioned towards marriage has a lot to hire. Kids are going to interact in marriage as adults. And so we're going to deal with some of that we're actually gonna talk about parenting. We're gonna talk about the tactical stuff the day in day out, like interacting, with kids and setting them up for success. We're going to talk about home management. So. Something really quick that I want to touch on is we started in hoping homeschool dot.

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