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You. Great Parker from Ghostbusters. If you can guess are Friday musical theme that we've got a hungry Howie's Lions Game Day pizza meal for you a little something for you. Your tummy as you're watching the Lions take out the Indianapolis Colts. Come, uh, Sunday. I suppose you could also redeem it for the Michigan. Michigan State came well, which wouldn't be a bad way to make use of it either, And you can claim that if you can successfully guess our theme coming up in about 10 to 5 will do it near the end of the show. In the meantime, Director Gordon was on with Polly Smith today and said that look, we have seen some outbreaks increase. He also talked about in home gatherings, which they find problematic and there is no question 3600 cases yesterday confirmed almost 3700, many of them Cases that would have been counted today. But because of the delay in the numbers they ended up getting into the Thursday tally. But we have seen deaths. We have seen hospitalizations and we have seen cases going up. I don't begrudge the governor the idea that this needs to be addressed, and certainly we share her concerns in so far as there is, it is spreading. I'm not talking about cases. I'm talking about hospitalizations going up. Which is the larger concern. We've been focusing on that. We want to keep that we want to keep that curve flat because that has a direct impact on the outcome of the patient that's actually in the hospital. The fewer covert patients, the more care they get, the better the chances for a good outcome. We learned that from our friends at Beaumont, Matt Simms, but nevertheless they're kind of beaten and already abused horse here. When it comes to the restaurant industry. Talk to a good buddy of mine. This morning. I had an early morning tennis game and and he said these in the restaurant industry, he said, You know, I'm just going to do this because I don't feel comfortable. Infringing on the privacy of my customers and asking them names and numbers because I don't know what's gonna happen of those names and numbers when I transmit them back to the state if I went and what am I supposed to do with them? What database of my supposed to keep here? It certainly is a lot of paperwork. And he said, Honestly, we have people separated. We haven't seen transmission at all in our eatery. And yet now we're having this thrust upon us, he said. I'm just going to seat people. I'm going to put a sheet on the table. I'm going to say if you folks would kindly fill this out. That would be great. And if they fill it out, find if they don't find I'm not going to force them to do it. Just look are people really going to put in the real names and numbers anyway? For problems? You know, you would hope that they would that they understand the importance of contact tracing, should there be a transmission? But you've got to know and you can't force the restaurant tour to dio the verification on this. I just think it's really unfortunate and again. I think it's misplaced concern on an industry that's done a bang up job. For the most part. Of keeping these cases down. We've even seen cases fall now at campuses when we were on our campus tour. We noted that Nevertheless, they're focusing here on you know, they should be focusing it on people in private homes. That's where we're seeing a lot of the transmissions. And yet they know they don't have any power there. So they're going to regulate the people that they feel like they do have control over even if it's going to yield very minimal in marginal results, a TTE least in my opinion if you feel differently if you think that this has been a big sorts of transmission I'd love to see the numbers. He was in love only with some thoughts on this. Hello, Hugh. Hello, guy. Good to talk to you. I I was thinking Well, there's already databases for this kind of thing that could be is in the rewards programs that many of the chain restaurants especially do Here is the way of, you know, Let's see the state come up with a little assistance for those people that don't have what I have set up and they can have Ah, ap or whatever for themselves as well. As for the the transmission. Whatever you call it, Tracing. Yeah, the contact tracing Yeah. I think there are ways that we could maybe facilitate this so it isn't really burdensome. But if you have somebody come in with three kids, are you going to sign up the three kids and put you know that you don't have numbers for them? You're gonna put them into the databases, oil and what? What about their privacy, and they're not going to be members of a frequent eater program. Yeah, just like my then it was only one person at the table needs to be identified by name and phone number is lost here. She can contact the other folks. You know what they would already have that from a credit card transaction. Well, yeah, it's a little harder to find. There's a lot of security around the credit card. But I mean, well, I think it's a win win. And if they do it right, you could make lemonade out of it. You know you could you could. And you know what? I would bet that there is some restaurants and look most of these restaurants. Care deeply for their customers. They want them to come back. They don't want them to get sick from a public relations standpoint, None of these restaurants want tohave an outbreak associated with their ah, with their asset with their business, who would But that doesn't mean that they want to be kind of singled out here, and that's certainly what this feels like. You think turning a positive I love anybody that comes up and thinks that way because solutions air or what we ought to be focused on its go to Sam. And if so, Lanny and Sam's got A solution of sorts, I think. Hey, Sam. A guy? Yeah, thanks for having me on again. And I always like to call with solution because I'm not a fan of complaining, you know?.

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