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Read it from there the delegation was met with both supporters and protesters during a news conference following their visit meanwhile US customs and border protection is investigating a Facebook group of more than nine thousand current and former CPB officers who posted jokes about migrant deaths and sexist comments about because you Cortez existence of the Facebook group was first reported by ProPublica the long time U. S. C. gynecologist accused of sexually abusing hundreds of women was in court on Monday Phil Hewlett has more Dr George Tyndall was arrested last week and he had a gun with him when he got busted in court Tyndall pleaded not guilty to the charges against him prosecutors say Tyndall inappropriately touched at least to sixteen women between the years of two thousand nine and sixteen he worked at U. S. C. for thirty years and most of his alleged victims say the school knew about the bad behavior but refused to do anything about it Phil Hewlett NBC news radio and three tiny glowing stones are made in northern Michigan man a star in the world of gemologists Eric went to Monte was walking along the shores of Lake Superior last summer when he discovered what he has named you per lights to the naked eye these appear to be just regular gray rocks under UV light though the rocks glow like a velvet poster under a black light in the nineteen sixties bedroom rental market says people from all over the world come to northern Michigan to go on one of his now famous rock hunting tours of video we posted last year has over fifty million views worldwide and the story of the U. per lights is now the subject of a PBS documentary mark Mayfield NBC news radio.

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