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Tonight be gusty at times with overnight lows down around 40 or so breezy tomorrow with morning clouds then more clearing in the afternoon we should hit the low 50s and mid to upper 50s on Saturday and Sunday with sunshine It's 46 downtown now Stay connected Stay informed northwest news radio 1000 FM 97 7 With at least Japan Rick van syes our editors Kathy O'Shea A former star of Netflix's cheer is pleading guilty to child pornography charges Jerry Harris who is now 22 was charged with several sex crimes and he could face up to 50 years in prison Getting breaking news out of watkin county the deputies there we are understanding the two were shot while responding to an incident between neighbors near peaceful valley against Susan watkin county the suspect were told as surrendered and is in custody in the deputies were transported to peace held saint Joseph medical center in Bellingham as we get more information we will pass it your way Several medal events are on tap tonight at the Beijing Olympics ABC's Alex perche is there and joins us on the northwest news line U.S. men's hockey team starting off with a big W Alex crush in the host country Yeah It's a great start to these games for them right And we have high hopes for them And we still have high hopes for their women counterpart listen I mean women's U.S. hockey obviously took a little bit of a plunge losing to Canada four to two Still still high hopes for both men's and women's hockey Hoping that they both can actually meddle these games and look there's a lot of other opportunities for Team USA now to medal We've got Sean white going into the finals as well today in the men's halfpipe snowboard This will be a spit and final Olympics in look He kind of knocked in and joined a qualified as a little nervous because he fell down during his first qualifying run nailed the second one to get into the metal round Sean white while he's an underdog here Sean white Sean white and he's always got he's always got a shot And this is coming after the U.S. is really kind of building some momentum ELISA We've been on a tear winning a handful of gold medals at this point Nathan Chen Chloe Kim a trio of freestyle skiers Yeah yeah so and even chin when I actually got a chance to see in person and listen we knew that the expectations were high especially after he set that record in the short program but look level at which he is competing is head and shoulders above the rest he dressed as a fireball in skated to Elton John's rocket man And listen Lisa his performance was out of this world Most of the score there was 22 points higher than the next closest competitor And you got to feel good for chin because this was his first gold medal at an Olympics he's a three time world champion He's got other metals but this is his first gold It also hit into drought by Team USA to first goal by an American man in the singles competition since 2010 and then he mentioned Chloe Kim she picked right back up where she left off She's the defending gold medalist in the women's Olympic halfpipe She landed a cab 1260 as a competition first Chloe Kim now the first repeat and multi title winner and Olympic women's half pipe history And the U.S. vents curling team also in action but we're not just watching the sport We're watching Matt Hamilton's feet Yeah so Matt Hamilton he's a little bit of what they call a sneaker head and so he's been turning heads with his choice of sneakers during these Beijing games He's got on a pair of their Nike dunks which you know it's a classic shoot Dates back to the 80s but this one kind of has a crazy riff They're called the what the calls and essentially it's a mashup of a number of different sneakers by Nike skateboarder Paul Rodriguez and they look kind of crazy They've got all the colors on them All the colors And so certainly it's gotten a lot of attention along with his mustache as he's been competing these winter games And any update on the Russian figure skater the 15 year old who's in the middle of that scandal that we talked about yesterday You know ELISA so that's been the one thing that's been frustrating because we haven't really gotten the answers The IOC the international skating union at both been kind of mom about this investigation or was it even conducting this investigation but what we do know NBC who's broadcasting the games now reporting that 15 year old Russian figure skater Camilla valley tested positive for being substance prior to the Olympics the drug which is nicknamed TMZ essentially it helps to heart function when it's getting lower oxygen but the conservatives that for athletes experts say it means that they can perform at a higher heart rate for a longer period of time And you remember valia turned hedge She was a darling here at the Olympics because she was the first to land a quadruple jump And so right now we still have a lot of unknown questions primarily What will this do to the Russia's gold medal in this overall team events And then ballet ever sent to compete next week in the individual competition Is she still eligible ABC's Alex crochet Thank you Alex Thank you 6 20 now and an update on money news from Jim chesko Data showing that the annual inflation rate hit 7 and a half percent last month royaled the stock market today Equities finishing broadly and sharply lower The S&P 500 slid 83 points the Dow Jones industrials dropped 526 and the NASDAQ composite skidded more than 300 or 2.1% Car insurers are rapidly raising rates to try to get ahead of inflation which has boosted the prices of car repairs replacements and rentals The Wall Street Journal says many insurers are boosting premiums by as much as 8% while some are asking for double digit increases Car and home insurer all state raising rates by an average 7.1% across 25 states and more increases are ahead That's you're running now Where'd you get right here at 20 and 50 passed every hour Hang on we'll have latest on traffic and the weekend weather forecast coming right up Northwest news radio 20 minutes of nonstop news traffic and weather every ten minutes on the fours and global coverage from ABC News stay connected Stay informed northwest news radio 1000 FM 97 7 Sports the I haven't really woken up Until I've had my McDonald's breakfast deal and I know this is.

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