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Robbery an open fire on the bad guy turns out it was actor jim duck he was wearing a ski mask carrying a gun is he backed out of a brewery cops told him to drop the gun he turned toward them and one of the cops fired a shot fortunate really it just missed him but he dropped the gun yanked off his mask and told them he was on a movie set who ali his name is jim duffy was shooting as some kind of item now he familiar with mr duff crawford crawford's cops say they weren't told the scene was being shot but the actor west i so it seems as you mentioned earlier scott that during her interview with megan kelly jane fonda was displeased with a leading question about plastic surgery i think it's fair what you have amazing deep deep have you what why did you say i read that you said you felt not proud to admit you've had worked on why not we really want to talk about that i wanna think people think about when they look them eddie was how masing luck well flags good attitude good posture take care of myself but let me tell you why i i i love this movie that we did our cells at night rather than plasma urged iraq to that further said jane turns eighty in a couple of months he does look fabulous juvenile they robert had the same job now she was with robert his eighty one and clearly have had no worked to talk about that new movie at allies december love affair collateral at night done dozen local igf i looked at it added reward you gotta be kidding me robert ejirin verdy robert redford his eyes he's had his.

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