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Straight away from kaluki and hopefully we'll be getting those redies from the author of one of the best and most essential national hunt for that matter flat. And cheltenham books around a jumper to follow author Paul Ferguson from weatherby's joins is Paul, welcome back to the show my friend. I am a Thanksgiving. Great to have you back on board. I'm sure that you are delighted that there are three of your horses running tomorrow. The only problem is he's already on to me. He'll probably miss that they're all clashing in the 1240 the lab Brooks John Franken novices chase. It's great that there's a race named in honor of the greatest jockey of all time as the late great John McCarthy used to call him. We've got mister incredible. 6 to four hoists in your who's chasing debut didn't quite go to plan, but it was against fid the roof and was pitched in deep 7 to four. Flash, 11 to two. They're year three, and then there's ashtown lad. For Dan and Harry skelton. Right, you're going to have to pick one of your three my man. Is it significant do you think that Henry de bromhead is bringing mister incredible over here? Does that by any chance sway it for you? He's obviously brought a few of us for the meeting. I think this is the main reason why I missed another travels over is the distance, and I see 92 with an area in a week when he mentioned that the dream mode I've been a possible after he went on. He went from a whole position to be honest on debut. I think he was shuffled back. It was a bit of a car. I did the third fence that he was shuffled back he stayed on incredibly well off the home streets. I think the potential with him is he's always absolutely only had the three starts on the rules, but the potential to improve them with stepping up in trip is there for all to see really even overhead of last year and just the two starts we saw him. He looked like, I actually wouldn't have been surprised if he had pitted open a decent race at possibly a tree or a portrait style at the end of the season. And I think he had a little setback that kept him off the track from that, but they say possible he was ERP and not for a while when he made that wouldn't change their views also with expect that he'd probably strip a bit further for that. So I would expect significant improvement. Question with him, obviously the ground potentially, but it was pretty decent ground when he finished runner up in his point to point. And it wouldn't have been two tests in a rather nice Indiana Jones, who all always be earlier in the week didn't want too badly. So and obviously as the fall of his leopard second, the Christmas last year was Frank throughout last season by Gerard M and a and I think he's open to any amount of improvement, as you say, three of my 40 leading prospects class, and it's not an ideal race for me. And sometimes I'll strike rate or level stakes profit for those four. Absolutely that's in the race for that reason to be honest, it's obviously three or so really looking forward to. But on the other hand, it's a race I'm really looking forward to watching and seeing our develops. If you did want to get involved, financially, if you did want to go and place a better and I find this very difficult to break down as well because you can rule out any of them. I mean, you can make a pretty solid case for ashtown lad. To be able to bounce back here, particularly with the skeleton form in the way that it is. But if you were going to have a bet or tempted into it, while mister incredible is a horse that I would find it difficult to get away from, is flash close, the one you go with just because he's such a bigger price with kaluki sportsbook. They'll match any price that you can get. So currently he's 6s, so they'll give you 6s. Possible you can look at it from that perspective. For me, like if I could feel that I'm looking forward to seeing this season two of them haven't ruined one of them's run, or I don't see the two in the Motorola until that point. So obviously, mister incredible made the Wyoming reappearance as well. So I find it difficult to really to have a bet in the race when two of them are priced around 6 four 13 two 8. It just be a watching brief for me, touching on flask or lunge, Paul Nichols obviously got a strong hand in the novice chase division. This season three under three 5 was done well early in the season, but so I think it was possibly significantly marked as race for flash go on for a few weeks ago. He's on the wind ups until last seen and Paul Nichols actually won this race the past two years with Chase and Davidson. So it would be too concerned that we haven't seen him prior to this race because the last two winners of follow the similar path. And again, he missed the spring festivals last year..

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