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You know I'm not to drag race suspension. You wanted like a the best of both worlds on the road race suspension. It had to be very stiff and still you're still going to get that spring rates and things like that, but with with the adjustable suspension these days and magnified and and and. Way More Development, the damping of the. Shocks and air bags and things like that that we we can get it i. M Three two one m three even. Before, I put the coil overs on it hours I think actually a little bit smoother. It's kind of a rough writing carts small too short wheelbase. It's a little bumpy. I love it I'm fine with it like I I I feel like I'm more connected by. I Dunno driving it every day, and if you're going to work and pulling parking garages and speed bumps, and all the stuff, and you know the pompey four. Oh five freeway out here. It's just like it's cool, but it's not something. I'd WANNA drive every day. Honestly, I I'm driving the the the Volvo t six. The VISA DVD ninety wagon right now and the wagons fantastic you know. Great car and it looks cool. It's a bright blue. It's the are design package in it, so it's the black trim and all this stuff and it looks cool runs great, and it's comfortable and everything works in it. And it's not an SUV. It's basically the same thing as their SUV, but lower to the ground with a lower center of gravity and stuff so I've I've got good things to say about that thing. I'm not even a wagging high. But. You're driving and you're like certain. Or ask. You drive in your like. Get it. Anyway let me hit this. Dodge, for you guys again summertime is the best time to join the Brotherhood of muscle because dodge power dollars, means you get a guaranteed discount and the.

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