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Political costs. Also, former manager for the Trump campaign, Paul Manafort may spend the rest of his life imprison special counsel, Robert Mueller's office has filed they have filed papers and court revealing that Manafort could face more than nineteen years behind bars on charges of tax and Bank fraud, they younger sister, a former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis has died Lee Radziwill passed away in her home in Manhattan of natural causes. She was born Caroline Lee movie back in nineteen thirty three four years after her sister. Jackie Lee Radziwill was eighty-five as former cardinal Theodore McCarrick has been defrocked found guilty by the Vatican of sex abuse calls are now rising this weekend for pope Francis. Step up and reveal what he knew about the once powerful prelates, apparently decade-long predatory sexual behavior. WBZ TV's Jim Smith talks with a Boston attorney. He represents clergy sex abuse. Victims Garabedian is not impressed by the pope's action against the former cardinal. He calls it spin control. When you have a high ranking official one of the highest ranking officials in the United States and archbishop sexually abusing children. And that tells you how rotten to the core of the problem is the now eighty eight year old McCarrick was accused of sexually abusing a teenager more than fifty years ago and later misconduct with adult seminarians the allegations. Go back to win McCarrick was rising to the top of the American Catholic church. Here's McCarrick in two thousand and two Chris. Wanting to handling of the clergy sex abuse crisis on the right road. Now. I think that we're in something where we can guarantee of the United States that that we're in control. This will never happen again any while the archbishop of.

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