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Four people intended to rob Jaylen Roberts and ended up killing Kumari hunt Braxton Ford and Marcel wills just two days after being involved in a serious crash the Daytona five hundred Roush Fenway racing says Ryan Newman was released from Halifax hospital in Daytona beach Wednesday a photo shows Newman walking out of the hospital with his two daughters Newman's from south bend and he graduated from Purdue I'm John Herrick on the level on the go and on Twitter at ninety three W. Y. B. C. and W. Y. B. C. dot com seven oh five traffic on the fives map air coming down from his yourself on sixty nine we do have problems hearing this slow this down stabbing your traffic from one hundred six three down eighty second first we have a vehicle to have dealt the right lane after ninety six gray haired while you're still in stuff go traffic you'll see that crash over on the right shoulder around eighty second street both slowing us down north west side north bound for sixty five stop and go from seventy ninth street all up to age sixty five crash around eighty six has been pushed out of the roadway looks like it's over on the left shoulder right now watch out as you're going through that area also post road southbound lanes down to one lane of southbound put those to twenty fifth eyes seventy and that's because the slow down in that area but once you're through your through traffic sponsored by Drexel interiors go with pros go Drexel interiors for timber like it's the bath cabinets was of Drexel's new design center on one hundred forty six pretty River Road or no shade when Drexel I N. dot com I've met there was traffic all the fights mother was on Twitter W. I. B. C. traffic Randy Aulus wish TV meteorologist what's happening yeah either Johnny look like today to be a nice day out there we do have some clouds around right now but we should clear it out as the day goes by.

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