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Lie from NPR news. I'm Korova Coleman. President Trump is preparing to visit Kenosha, Wisconsin, the side of a police shooting of a black man killings of protesters and violent unrest. Democratic leaders, including Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers, have asked Trump not to visit. Wisconsin State representative David Bowen is a member of the state's legislative Black caucus. He told NPR's morning edition. He agrees I think the president is only coming to fan flames. Hey, started this division. He wants us to be torn apart as Americans and I don't see his presence in Kenosha. Actually healing the community of Kenosha healing to state of Wisconsin. Republican officials say they're looking forward to Trump's visit. Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson says Trump is providing decisive leadership. September is off to a mostly positive start on Wall Street after a heady month of August. NPR's gone horsefly reports, The Dow Jones industrial Average shows little change in early trading. Despite a mostly down day on Monday, August turned out to be the best month in decades for major stock indexes. Both the Dow and the S and P 500 index gained about 7% during the month, while the NASDAQ soared nearly 10%. Gaines continued overnight in Asian markets. A new report shows factory activity in China surge last month, thanks to a jump in new export orders. Market still face considerable uncertainty over the path of the Corona virus. In a White House conference call with governors, Dr Anthony found, she warned, it's important that people use caution over the Labor Day weekend. To avoid the kind of infectious outbreaks that followed gatherings on Memorial Day and the fourth of July. Scott Horsley. NPR NEWS Washington Tens of millions of Americans air facing eviction notices this month as they struggle to pay their bills amid the pandemic. NPR's Windsor Johnston reports, federal and state moratoriums on evictions are expiring in many states starting today. Renters who were shielded from the eviction under legislation passed by Congress earlier this year are no longer protected against losing their homes for being late on the rent payments. Ellie Thaxton works with families facing evictions in Georgia. I think it's going to be the most vulnerable that are going to be impacted and that's going to be single mothers, Children, people of color. Single black mothers are the most common evictions that we normally see. Tens of millions of Americans have lost $600 in additional weekly unemployment benefits that expired in July. The federal government has extended some eviction protections through the end of the year. But the extension on LY protects a small percentage of renters. Windsor Johnston. NPR NEWS Ah House Committee plans to subpoena Postmaster General Lewis to joy. Democrats say he has failed to provide them with information about slow mail delivery after changes at the U. S Postal Service. On Wall Street. The Dow is up 33 points at 28,463. It's NPR from the David Burnett Foundation News. Her make a C R W I'm Cherry Glazer. The California legislative session came to a chaotic and last night for the year, a state lawmakers raced and sometimes failed to beat a midnight deadline for passing bills. Several Corona virus related proposals did squeak in under the wire and are heading to Governor Gavin Newsom's desk, among them new labor protections for hotel, janitorial and airport employees. Another bill would allow can strap Californians to borrow more money from the retirement accounts with tent without tax penalties, And yet another would've wore a high school diplomas to students who were unable to finish the final months of the school year due to the pandemic. Newsome has until the end of this month to decide whether to sign the bills into law. Among the measures that failed to make it out of the Legislature were a number of police reform proposals that were introduced in response to concerns about police brutality and systemic racism. Case here. W's Darryl Sanson has this roundup. One measure that did pass and now heads to Governor Newsome would require the state Justice Department to look into fatal shootings by law enforcement officers. Attorney General Javier or Bezerra opposed that bill, saying that his office lacks the resource is to oversee all police shootings. And it's not clear if Newsom will sign it. Newsome has vowed design another bill that reached his desk that would ban police officers from using chokeholds in karate. It holds a chokehold applies pressure to a person's wind pipe, while a corroded hold applies pressure to a person's corroded artery. X closed the flow of blood to the brain. Both can be deadly, and there have been calls to ban them nationwide. But many far reaching police reform stalled. Those included a bill that would strip officers who commit misconduct of their badge and hold them financially responsible. If Sude Another measure that would have established strict rules about how and when law enforcement could use less lethal projectiles. Such his rubber bullets also failed to pass and one bill had the support it needed but still failed to pass. That bill would have made it easier for members of the public to see disciplinary records of police officers accused of racist or discriminatory actions. It passed both houses but time ran out before the bill could return to the Senate for a final procedural vote. For Casey Ar w I'm Darryl SATs meant more than a million acres in California have burned this summer. The short term cause for the wildfires is running into the millions of dollars and his cap radios. Ezra David Romero reports, the price tag could continue to skyrocket. Madame Rose is an expert in the economics of disasters in climate change policy at USC, he says the probability of fires costing more than a pandemic is very likely unless something is done to curb climate change fast while fires in one year not his biggest cove it but What we should do is look at the probabilities of occurrence. I think it's fair to say the fires could be just a cz devastating as code 19 to prevent future fires and their negative economic impact. He says. Forrest need to be cleaned quickly with things like prescribed burns. A state in the federal government announced a plan last week to Finn. One million acres of force.

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