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Live here. Usa basketball the women's team seven consecutive gold medals and five consecutive for bird into rossy. I mean it's just it's mesmerizing just to think about it. And how they got it done amazing if it felt like a dream in part because we hadn't slept for a week like straight before that's kind of felt like a dream no it was. It was a beautiful sight to to see. Usa basketball accomplished school. And you could see how much meant to the team because it was like this. It was very special time of one. We have burdens rassi. And they're kind of riding into subsets. An sylvia fowles for that matter. Who's this my this. She's she's actually senator last games being competitors like this you can never believe him the first time they say it But seeing those three who have really come to define usa basketball get this one which fell tougher. This felt tougher because of the year. Long way you know it. We had some injuries coming. We end look strong coming then having a much time to practice so it was kind of it kind of felt like this one Took more and if it's appropriate to have these competitors in what could be their last olympics. 'cause i also don't believe burdened rossi Actually rossi said. We're gonna see you in paris which i think we kind of. I think we're thinking it's a joke. I don't know i don't die. Atrocities is not strike me as someone who makes jokes like that right well. I told us that that. I'm going to paris and i'm not joking about that. So maybe she's not joking either about. I'm sure i'm sure she'll be there. I don't know how much play is going to be. I don't think she al not. She wants to play. Well she wants to see. She wants to place you've got to be on the same but what's what's on without. Want to keep it on the on the gold medal. Game just like short sherzer. After after that and after the game against japan were brittany kreiner was dominant the. Us is kind of like the date. They really looked like the goliath team usa. That we think about it was just so beautiful to see everyone up there and the usa team. The japan team boso proud of their performance. And you know everyone it was just kind of like this is how basketball supposed to feel. It's supposed to feel like this is like you know it's hard to separate out the heartbreak when you lose By really glad. Japan was able to do that and give us small. Were felt like you know. We're all we're all happy and proud of what we accomplished. No doubt you know that that really was special to see. I mean obviously when the. Us team stepped up to receive their medals. I mean you know. I i if you know me well you know that my eyes were full of tears my faceless smiling as hard as possible My soul was happy. You know because the sacrifice was immense by all the athletes in tokyo this year. I mean to their families couldn't be there so many outside things that were distractions to the task at hand and for them to have those distractions and then come out and have that gold medal wrapped around their necks. I mean it was just amazing to watch that story unfold and the ending of a movie if you will And that way especially burdens rossi and credibly special. But when you're talking about the the to washington mystics players in erlach. Our first time is an olympian and tina charles her third time as an olympian three gold medals for tina charles. Tina charles had those tears in her eyes. And i mean it was joy and relief at all mixed in with all the sacrifice you were just speaking of coast tibo said that tina charles had mentioned that she would probably be the first one to shed a tear. You know and and it wasn't. It didn't look like it was a sad thing. I think she was just in the moment. Feeling the joy the pride the relief as they said in just to experience that for a third time i mean what would have beautiful moment. That was and then the camera. Just got right of on and tina charles and you just feel every single emotion that she was going through at that time and it was probably ten or fifteen different emotions but they were all unfolding ripe for is in an area lack and just she calls it a god moment. I see worked so hard to get there. But then now wow it was just. It was just fun to see that but when the japan team when they were smiling after losing that game. That was really something. And i will. I'll keep that with me because you know you you try to set goals for yourself and not just to win games. But if we can't be i we're going to be second and hit and if it was them i mean they had joy also even and losing and i think there's a lesson in that as well and i still haven't come to grips with exactly how to express what that is but that's different. Not everybody like you say can crack a smile after after not winning gold. But you could tell that. They knew that they had made their mark in the olympic games this summer. I think it's not not to be being delicate..

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