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Against they must iskoe the angle was a la he's gay he disliked people will be younger he's gay yearning and then you can't speak out against that because that's a that's like they worship that in hollywood they literally deal then i mean rush was doing a great job as always this afternoon as listen to him going to pick up my son at his coop listen to el rushbo and he talked about the democrats and how they literally there you now completely antigod but they do that god to them is the government they will never say it but that's exactly what it is god for for for me as an authentic christian god provides all of my needs god is my provided with a capital p for the democrats government as the provide of the small p government is the answer to everything they will not say that but that is the truth and so that's the eyes to to they see there are their idol is god i mean that is is out of government in hollywood one of their idols is instead of government is homosexuality and that's the truth the documentaries like an open secret and the testimony of four former child actors like feldman have gone have long contested that pedophilia and the abuse of young man's hollywood other dark secret if that's true the case what more will take for this to come to light i think what what the problem is is that it's too closely associated with homosexuality so they will never come out with it that's just all arrests to it too closely associate with homosexuality they just they they can't the never gonna do it look look look at this that these liberals who sail awesome they are diversity let of weinstein rape and in a molested abuse women for decades for coming out the go after that all white man before the ever go after a gay man eight hundred two eight eight wbap is our number eight hundred two eight eight nine two to seven that's eight hundred two eight eight.

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