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So could you walk us through some of the exciting applications that this? has led to. Oh. Yeah. Well, there's figure at a gene that plays an important role in a certain cancer. Yeah. Pick a cancer. Some gene is mutated in it find out by looking at a lot of cancer patients and seeing that their tumor contains genetic changes that gene but their regular cells don't information at work for you and then you say, Oh, maybe we should make a drug that inhibits the protein. Encoded by gene right or that activates it or something like that. Well, you know in the ancient days of the Twentieth Century Most Cancer Drugs were just poisons right they're trying to kill that sal and not your other cells right? Exactly. Whereas now what happens is people try to in a really molecular way inhibit this specific protein ideally one that's mutated only in the cancer cells So you get drugs that. Have Pretty minor side effects, I I never WANNA say no side effects but pretty minor side effects pretty safe. They're not offering injections, their pills that you can take, and there's more than thousand clinical trials for cancer drugs that come out of understanding, which genes which proteins and people around the world are doing that. Now, 'cause we kind of have a look up table for lots of cancers and I don't want to. Underestimate. It's very hard work, but it's a lot harder feeling around in the dark when you don't know what you're doing. Yeah. Same at other extremes, heart disease. This is one of the early successes that predates the genome project but a lot of people take medicines to lower their cholesterol that really came from figure out a particular gene in a particular rare genetic disease, and then at the other extreme, you take something like schizophrenia. Yeah. The longest time people had no clue what the biology was well, can I add one? Remember learning this in psychology twenty five years ago is that it's a genetic trait and that a stressful event in your life, you have a window right between like I dunno seventeen in thirty or twenty seven where some traumatic event can turn on that gene in the when they've identified people who have hereditarily that maybe they try to protect them in that window the that in of itself to me was one of the most mysterious interesting concepts is that all been disproven or is that? Different understanding of nowadays or. Well. I. Don't quite know what Jeanette is or what you were told Monica is going to be cutting all that out KNBR. But people can carry it right but not express it fina typically. Oh well. But that's true for lots of things right there are a lot of people who inherited gene for breast cancer not all of them will actually develop breast cancer. So that's the thing about a lot of these diseases is they're not deterministic..

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