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Jennifer flowers the jennifer flowers wasn't influence okay where he denied it and hillary sat by him and then the light almost film because they were lying sixty minutes all fine like infidelity i'm european that's fine doing everyone's but like seriously you can stand up to saying what you did to a twenty one year old and while you put her through like what else is oh okay so let me just play devil's advocate for a second here okay so he lied and then there was a whole thing hewlett under us okay and i think the thing that happened to her though felt more like it was the media's fault and iino because at that time like if we transport ourselves back to then and you know you never you i was still wearing my retainer at night and at the time the affair part of it was still seen as just an affair the age difference wasn't necessarily like the way we view it now as a power differential we didn't view it that way then right and so but the but the dragging her name through the mud feels more like the dawn of the twenty four hour news cycle and he said he said that he's apologized multiple times publicly to her and her family but i mean it was it wasn't just the media doing that i wasn't she locked in a room with f b i and you know and ken starr.

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