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You. They'RE GONNA value their front office employees much more than some replaceable ballplayer, and that'll be the end of you. He said. So here's my advice to you Dan. Do not under any circumstances mess with the front office women don't don't like just be cordial be polite but consider them romantically limits to you entirely how do you feel about that as good or bad advice? Great advice scrape advice for independent ball specially affiliated baseball's Basel Different. Those employees of the team are necessarily employees of the team that you play for their employees of the Minor League team that it. There's a separation of like jury ounce stay there year owned by graves not that little minor league right now not F-. Lynchburg. Hill cats on. Good. Advice though do not do not coop where he eat essentially. Yes thanksgiving always the about. There you go. Yeah. It's very good advice. The coach is obviously speaking from some kind of experience either he had a player or has himself to. I. Don't know he's definitely. SMART. Guy. He was being from experience in that he saw at least a couple teammates get either into serious issues or get released because of it ram he did said, he said he dated a local reporter which whatever. But even that is it even he said even then. Say Your meter a news reporter who covers the team and is very closely tied and well regarded with the team. They'll still be like Oscar that like that that guy's not playing well and he broke your heart get Outta here. You know it's just like you said, it's just office romance for athletes is it's it can impact your career for sure oddly enough my season there is a really pretty girl in the front office that I thought was really cute. She's really nice and I was like. nope. nope. NOPE nope. Donda. So any advice it's gray advises advice for I mean I got to imagine if I had if I had a corporate job I worked for. A state farm and I had an office and there was a good looking girl in the office like another agent that would be a conflict of interests and that would cause some issues with the boss if you're involved with a coworker in, it wasn't prior to working there. Well, and I think you also need to be really careful about the relationship and and like you and I talked about off air. Now, if you're like an office where you feel like there's really legitimate chemistry and like really like a legitimate disks, very serious relationship may be a long-term maybe of future wife or husband whatever. That's a little different and I think in the sports world may be still considered the same way either way you probably stay out of it, but it's like man this person I feel it could be my spouse one day. That's I. think a little bit different than rather dislike I'm to you know casually date someone or like I just WanNa sleep with this person. Where definitely stay away but this is like man, we really connected. This could be a serious long-term thing. Then you know the obviously office romances happen and like people get married for people that were 'cause you're in closed quarters. So it's not to say you can never work but us after an understanding where your hearts out I think to if it's because we we both of guys who like married someone in the front office like that does happen once in a while. But that's I. think wholly different than dislike sleeping around the front office is that's certainly a not a good thing to do I would I would stand by the rule of thumb don't pre Yes for sure. Just say better safe than sorry especially when you're talking about a career like the forget sportsworld if you're a NIGGA mutation, if you're climbing the corporate ladder neared got a well paying job in all of a sudden just decide like A. The, the assistant in the office next door looks like she might be fun. Okay. Well, how far how funny I don't do that not that fun long McDonald's CEO is in big trouble about that. Have you heard about that story? He had some inappropriate relationships with employees as the CEO McDonald's and got ousted, and then he apparently hid evidence of more. So he could keep a really large severance package and now McDonald's is suing him for fraud for uncovering that up. So more stories and why that's a terrible idea. Yeah. If you you're the CEO of, McDonald's like you've got to be making a couple shackles asserted out data minds outside the office. It's I'm sure you have enough at your disposal that you don't need a date, the secretary from. Zero McDonald's in. Salem Virginia. I don't know how in the restaurants in the corporate. In the corporate office. So let's let's shift the show media in the Golden Age. So what do you think it was the golden age of being an athlete Robert in how would you define define golden age here's what was say right now, the Golden Age of being an athlete was the was that probably. From the time. Michael. Jordan was a rookie to like ninety eight like it was basically George Michael Jordan was the golden age of sports and I'll tell you why. Social, media was was just non existent. You could be celebrity a very popular celebrity without being on blast in the news, but you're still at you but there's enough media to be well known. Also, let me let me let me extend like nineteen, eighty, four to two, thousand and four that twenty year span because I like to lump Derek jeters light early life into that because that guy is just the epitome of what professional athletes should be professionally both professionally and socially keeping their off off-field image just squeaky-clean. wiki. Clean Light never in the news and part of that. That would never say remarkable remarkable. But we're talking Golden Age radler there's no twitter. Like no one's out there with their camera phone snapping you if you to a picture of Derek Jeter, you had to have the big camera a near on your chest like ready to take one. You.

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