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Expert tells sixty minutes as the CBS news magazine visited Seattle is como's corps would take the news sixty minutes segment on sheltered focuses on the homeless struggle that persists amid the Seattle technology boom reporter Anderson Cooper says the city's tech giants do try to help Amazon and its founder Jeff Bezos have committed more than three hundred million dollars to help the homeless in Seattle but Dennis call hane says even a billion would not be enough the university of Pennsylvania professor has been researching homelessness for thirty five years to solve the housing affordability gap is about a thirty billion dollar requirement and at every year lean is critical of how much money is spent on shelters we spent about twelve billion dollars a year just on the emergency shelter system which is in solving people homelessness and even with that expenditure you know a third of the people still have no place to sleep sixty minutes notes that in Seattle one of the nation's wealthiest metropolitan areas more than five thousand people are on sheltered core when he could call more news that wasn't a big truck rumbling by couples Brian Kelberg has more on the earthquake recorded yesterday afternoon at twelve thirty on a nearby majestic mountain the rumbling on mount Ranier began thanksgiving morning and while the first dozen or so quick for pretty small the series built up to a three point six magnitude quake yesterday felt as far away as can't it's being called a swarm essentially a clustered series of very small shakers swarms definitely get the attention of Herald Tobin and his colleagues at the Pacific Northwest seismic network were detected them all the time and we're aware of what's going on in making sure that if something is of concern that people hear about it do the terms mean we're closer to what everyone refers to is the big one or perhaps interruption the short answer nope while scientists say were definitely do these tremors represent very slight movement that likely isn't enough to shake the ground hard enough you'll notice matter fact bill still with the P. N. S. and says it's normal for Ranier to experience a small quake every week Brian Calvert colonias a new apple created right here in Washington state is getting attention all over the world it's the cosmic crisp developed by Washington State University coke cokes it's a hybrid of honey crisp and enterprise apples growers in Washington state who paid for the apples development now have exclusive rights to sell the apple for the next ten years the cosmic crisp hits store shelves for the first time this week come on whose time twelve ten time for an update on sports Harley exterior sports stats with Tom Hudler surprising news this morning Washington Huskies coach Chris Petersen says he'll step down after six seasons of the school and offensive coordinator Jimmy lake has been promoted to take over the program Peterson's decision quite a surprise coming off a season with the Huskies one seven five and are bound for a sixth straight bowl game in which he'll coach schools at the fifty five year old will transition into a leadership advisory role your record of one hundred forty six wins thirty eight losses at Washington and Boise and it surprises everyone around the country including Dennis Dodd senior football writer for CBS sports now this comes out of total I feel this qualifies as it could be as big a shock as Bob stoops in June of two thousand seventeen stepping down except that it happened right.

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