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You just didn't want to be struggling nightmare. You can steal my advice. Because i don't really wanna encourage anyone to ruin their life. But i just say if if you wanna do it by honda because you're not gonna wanna have repair bills. It might take a very long time. It's yeah yes you can get a really dependable car. that's step one and satan wave luck to strike now. You're getting bright and bridges. I was watching clips of it today. And i just thought maybe this is my weird american point of view. But what a quintessential role for you to get. As an english actress to be in period in those outfits the whole nine yards did feel a little bit like well. There's no way. I'd just landed right here my first thing. Yeah i was working in a pub when i was auditioning for. I've been cleaner. i'd watch as a runner and a film studio for free. And i was working in a pub when i was in the audition prices then suddenly i was going off to leave the pub's go and work in a film with donald sutherland. And brand breath judi dench and it was completely surreal. That even years. After like you know still thinking. I couldn't believe that was filmed but my job is just insane. Ios watching it. And i was like you a lot like watching these scenes. Those like there's a lot options year. But i remember doing seen one of the first things that we shot was seen with judi dench and i had an. I'd real really visceral dreams about working. Judi dench when i was about fourteen and i was searching. I remember waking up from having a dream where i was lucky judy dench and realizing that it was just a dream and being like genuine ibo tional but it was real and then all of a sudden i was eighteen i was in an actual scene with her and i remember joe wright the director coming up to me after the first take of the seeing where she kind of comes into the house and wakes up and we're all standing as a family terrified of her and he came to me off the first taken said. What are you doing like. She made to actually move your face. You've got to do something. I was just standing. There like couldn't get when i was going through all the stuff you have done today. So much of it exists in a movie industry. That i'm so fearful is going away the fact that you can go from that and you can end up in an education and get nominated for that and then you can take some time and then you can through being so great. You can kind of plot out of future. And i'm wondering or i fear. That the twenty year old carey mulligan today like. I don't know what that looks like. Do you think about that at all how much it's changed or maybe you feel like it hasn't now i think it has y would have done if it was a lot now. If he would be different. I think i had the luxury of kind of anonymity i guess in the first three or four years of my career i was in the background getting to work with amazing people but not really being relied upon to be particularly good not mentioned in reviews or anything else playing those parts but i was consistently in shows with like extraordinary that i could just watch and and then fasting. I remember doing but was sort of any kind of waste on me was an episode of doctor who where the doctor david tennant at the time. But he wasn't really episode because it was choosing another episode at the same time. So i was doing that. And that was the first time i was like the lead a thing and dot felt very weighty and exciting but the festively is added plays and i did. Tv things. but i wasn't in front and center of any of them. But i think now people are just coming into this the pressure on the privacy or image the social media stuff. Like none of demille across my radar. I remember twitches starting someone you know. I had an ex boyfriend too stilted a twitter account news. Tweeting things like what is this. Why no one gives a shit. I don't care. And i'm right here. And i still feel that way but yeah i think what i would have done. I would have found it hard to avoid. I think how was your ego during the periods where you were like a banana. And you're kind of in the shadow of all these amazing people where you truly just grateful to be there or were you like okay. So grateful to be there. I wasn't ready until it was already too late. I remember when i first for my sore. An education was the first time. I'd seen myself played really anything apart from donahue and i rang my mother up crying and i watched it and i rang her up in tears saying like. It's so boring. It's stupid face literally does nothing on my face. Just look stupid and it's boring and everyone's going to hate it. It's going to be a nightmare. And i really don't wanna go to sundance. And she was like. I'm sure it's not that bad. You know just go and just get through it and you'll be fine come home and i had nightmares before i went sundance. That trump me out being boring was never like a place where i was like. No i can do this. I didn't have any expectations about film. So i felt lucky. I didn't go into that film with any kind of fear of messing it up. Because i didn't think whatever so it felt like a little university project or something. Did you learn anything from that. Did you learn. Like oh. I guess i should entrust my evaluation of myself. Gosh the only real thing that came out. That was the ability to know. Have to do everything that i didn't have to take all the jobs that came along. 'cause i what pretty much without a break from about the age of eighteen to twenty three and was anxious. If i didn't know exactly what the next job was to young before i wrap. The previous job was like next one next one. I did a play and a tv show at the same time once during doing the hypochondriac malia plane evening then in the days i was doing an episode of miss marple where i was timothy. Dalton's why it was just not you guys are the same age right pretty much. He's terribly handsome. It was a real game changer. Just having to take every job. Just look out and take him up. How did you navigate that in such as successful way because i had opportunities. I wanted money. And i wanted all kinds of things and i was very bad at it. So how do you are you patient. How did you not feel like oh shit. My moment's gonna pass. How do you turn down. I don't know james bond movie or whatever things they throw your way at that point. I think i felt very kind of about my career and wanted to make things that would sort of be memorable would massa. And my agent. Who's one of the best people on the planet. She's cooled toll bell fridge and she's been my agent since i was eighteen when the medication happened sheets at me out for lunch. I think what. I was choosing. Never let me go. And she said look. You're in this really rab moment in your career that you know it doesn't come up very often and it doesn't last particularly long but you are in a moment way you can choose. You shouldn't take apart unless you call back the idea of anybody else. Doing that is a good barometer. Yeah so that kind of became the benchmark. If i can sort of imagine another actor doing it and be okay with it. Then i would say no. I'm not so decide. Wasn't fighting for stuff. As well like i auditioned for the coen brothers and edition for things as the as i didn't get i've just been sitting idly picking new desperate. Give me space to achieve voice backs doing plays and she's always backed me doing tiny films that have no money that hardly anyone seasons that i love so i've been lucky to have her because i think if i'd been represented by somebody else. He wasn't quite say she's always been rock solid on.

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