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Rick Bellairs is it snowing out there? Rick in Woodstock, I was just gonna tell Roger that. It's a little bit of late flurry starting. All right. We got instant weather report for Roger battery with this crazy weather. Rick is an active participant in in the affairs of civic affairs of Woodstock and groundhog day events is is something that started. I. How long ago Rick? The movie was filmed in nineteen Ninety-two mostly in Woodstock, right? It came out in nineteen Ninety-three and probably the following year for groundhog day. There were a few people around town who celebrated right a small little thing, and it has grown and grown and grown in each year. We get more and more people coming from farther and farther out. Most of your listeners are hardly an hour away. What we're getting people coming to New York and California Carolina's and even even some other countries coming round today. So our fame has spread well in in part because that film has has you know, attain. The level of justifiable to my mind of a classic. And and Bill Murray being Bill Marie inhaled Ramos being now dead and his daughter violent just writing a book about Harold. And you were in. In. I don't I don't mean to make too much of this wreck. You were one of the stars of one of the unheralded stars of that film. How did that happen? Willie? They came to Woodstock to make a movie, and they announced that they were looking for extras, nobody really knew much about the movie what it was gonna be about your, but you had to be available multiple days because they were going to be shooting the same day over and over again. And each day, they shot something it had the the weather had to be the same. We had to commit for for an extended period. So they had people come to Woodstock high school and sign in and many of the people you see in the crowds teams are just local residents. Look, I love. Yeah. And we have each weekend during groundhog rate free showing of the movie groundhog day in the Woodstock theater, and it it's funny because you can sit there watching the movie, and there's always somebody who was in the movie there, and you could hear this. Okay. Look look freeze that movie stop freeze frame freeze frame. I know that was not the quite the end of your movie career, but it was the highpoint of your movie career this Tuesday. I am assuming when they the everything kicks off at this groundhog day party is indoors on Tuesday. Yes. Tuesday is indoors. That's a kickoff at the McDonald's on route forty seven in with that then Wednesday the coldest. Luckily for us if they at an off day, I know you're so wise so perfect and that had happened when you plan this whole thing then Thursday, you have groundhog's story time tell me what that is. So what's that public library has a stories particularly groundhog oriented for kids, and that's in the state left. Jeff eight part of the upper house, and then we have the awakening which is like Woodstock its first appearance of the season. And then followed by trivia, the woods that groundhog day movie trivia, where does that take place? Stage left cafe as well. Then you have on Friday, February first groundhog movie memorabilia, I'm assuming that's kind of exhibit of movie. Number. Pictures left. Lots of things from the movie behind sketches from the greens and pictures of the places they were gonna use the movie we have a copy of the script with time by herald Ramos and be big exciting thing this year in groundhog day in which is that Stephen who played the annoying insurance agent. Ned Ryerson is coming back to Woodstock or groundhog day. Again this year he's been before. But we add on you. And I I think of us as the groundhog day radio couples. We hit him on the radio before it in. He he's he's a very decent. Good guy of he's coming back because he knows it'll be fun, and it has been at the library. And we'll be able to tell some of his stories there on Friday. So saturday. However, the big Saturday's the big day, the groundhog who I've written about the ground tow before he lives not far from Woodstock in in comes in. He comes in. What time does that happen at sunrise, right? Seven o'clock in the park in the square. Oh, wonderful and that whole day. I mean, you can fill the whole day with events. There's a groundhog day breakfast, groundhog wood carving. What does that do people have to carve groundhog's or do their best to eight professional wood Carver he has a log, and he will have his chainsaw. The Saturday morning. People can watch him turn that into a crowd. Well, then at ten o'clock Saturday morning, we've got the free showing of the movie groundhog day in the theater and then throughout the day as you said, there's there's bingo and trivia, and you can go bowling in the bowling alley. That was used in the movie, there's eight bags ornament, ah pub college the whole day of a well, the other thing the other thing I'd like, and I think this is a relatively new addition is the opera house in old courthouse tours that are you gonna take place? I mean all throughout the day. I would assume right. Well, they normally do these on the first Saturday of the month and giving the public a chance to take a walk through are the two gems on the square and because it's groundhog day. They've just agreed to start a bit earlier. So from like, eight o'clock in the morning, people can go inside and see a bit of history. Go backstage into the judge's chambers of the courthouse. Go back stage in the opera house, and the best part is you can go inside and warm up. It's not wait a minute though. Next Saturday, it's going to be. Fifty degrees. People be out playing golf leave. My. The other thing that takes place on Saturday. The second is the walking tour of filming sites, which which some people do on their own. It can be a kind of do it yourself kind of thing. Right. There is a map and all that jazz on the where the puddle was that the non rising stepped in. We've got a map that shows the spots and places around town are plaque. So you can see where the puddle is Bill Murray stepped in. There's a plaque on the bed and breakfast where Bill Murray state and woke up every morning looking out on groundhog day. So these around town so you can wander on your own or or take the tour. Let me ask you Rick. I did a story with your your immense. Help some years ago about the people who had bought the house that functioned as the the were Bill Murray stayed and woke up every morning to Sonny and Cher. What is it still a BNB? It is it is called the cherry tree in BNB. These are the second owners now big four when when they made the movie it was actually a private resident. Right. Right. Right. Where you used to go up and play with the kid in the attic, I mean school with after the movie it was life, imitating art, the home came the bed and breakfast now in its second owners, and they're very involved in the ground holiday festivities, and they give tours of people can go in and see the the bed and breakfast. That's so nice. Were they must also I mean, it's a beautiful building. I have not been inside. But it's a beautiful Bill beautiful building. And I gotta believe that places booked solid because there are some real groundhog day fanatics. I mean, I know that. Once met or heard from a couple of from Japan who would come to Woodstock to see where the movie was made. And I'm assuming they stay there. Does it do for day week? They're booked about a year and a debt. It's a very busy weekend for them. They're busy all year round. But for groundhog day weekend. It's just ridiculous. That is one of those eighteen nineties. I was talking about the from the towns where for you. There must be referred to get a little personal. There must be a real. He must feel real sense of pride. When people feel that they will in the next much of the next week for these groundhog day festivities. Yes, it's it celebrating a cool. Interesting interesting and four-star movie, but it's also celebrating a place am I being too romantic about all this week? It has actually has almost grown beyond the movie, and I even mentioned to somebody the other day that that if the movie hadn't become the classic that it is would we even be doing this? It does draw people and it it's fun event. In the middle of winter Christmas is behind this spring is away off. There's a group of volunteers who put this together each year, and for most of our events are free or for the benefit of local civic organizations, and it is it is fun to see the people come to town last year. I remember walking around the square, and I have a groundhog on my hats. I'm rather. Of course, you do. Yeah. And people kept coming up to me telling me how much they liked the town. How friendly the people were all great stuff to here? Yeah. That really is great stuff to here. And when you go, ladies and gentlemen to Woodstock groundhog day dot org. There's actually it's Woodstock groundhog dot org. Website doesn't have day. Oh, no day. Dot org. Thank you very much. Mr. Bill Ayers, Woodstock, grandpa dot org and see all the events many, many, many the majority of which are free. But there are also ways to explore Woodstock. It's. Excuse me with sock itself. Well, stay warm the next few days. Rick bellairs. Boy, you must've been terrified for a while thinking we were getting there. I was glad to see the weather. With a bang. But it is you and I both mid westerners. And this is even for us. This is a strange strange week of weather. Knock them dead. Rick and thank you so much for reminding me of it, and it's a special place, ladies and gentlemen, if you've never been to Woodstock this would be a. A good time to explore it. A Arlene lines is still good with their bookstore. Oh, yeah. And. Location central for groundhog day souvenirs memorabilia, good for her. And it's one of the great independent bookstores in this country. Rick take care of yourself. Stay warm, and then petty groundhog for me if he doesn't face. Great. Thank you very much. He's a very good guy rebel coming up. Mark Howard to talk about the return of the trinity Irish dance company to the auditorium theatre. After a ten year absence. He's on the road now. So we'll grab him. He's in Minnesota. I think so it.

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