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Harmful if my is my doctor walked walked into the room. And he's got operate. I'm Dr Harvey John Jakes. I'm Mike. I'm just GONNA walk it off. Yeah I'm Mercury's in retrograde. I'm a libra. Frankly short you great book. I'm sorry Harvey'll no he's me he is big on Imago. Therapy about how we're attracted to people who have the negative qualities of our primary caretakers caretakers. So when I see people repeating patterns and bad relationships who will slip up Want to give a self help book without going like you. You need right that is it is it is yeah he kinda really annoying and have lots of flaws and I can't take it anymore. Egging you to read did this but what I'll do is if I'm GONNA give books I'll give like books the same book to everyone one year so that it's not like I'm just giving you this one and they're cater to the flaws laws. I think you have like everyone's getting Michelle Obama's that's right that's right. That's such a good gift. One year this is the first ever did. It was a book by uh-huh show which he later ended up being the wild wild country. Sex Co leader that documentary garage and I had to like email. My friends Really sorry about that The documentary just out and this man ran a sex called And beavers in a blender to poison the water supply a bunch of people. I didn't watch the dove. The book though read Pitchfork. Where are we can separate the art in the artist here? There's some helpful stuff getting out. Michael Jackson CDs. I know there's is a lot of. I decided to get rid of a lot of books in my library like there was one that was like the iceman cometh. Kevin Spacey was on the cover and I was like Oh shit I know hat sting. Yeah I get it. I really loved American beauty and I can't watch it such a bummer. A lot of a lot of books and movies had to get cancelled. He's in a bug's life oh I watched it with my niece. He's one of the characters in a bug's life and he's so fuck rich good. I forget I'M GONNA look it up. He's so good in a bug's life and my nieces I'm just like yes queen. Let's watch this again. I guess this point because we can't watch movie because Kevin Spacey Likes to now you say nothing heart warming tale yet. I'm sure sure. Yes I'm just GONNA go sit in the corner and shiver but you enjoy the move. It's a great I'm never seen any red flags In France making new friends as an adult I believe people should heed. Red Flags are time is valuable and I think people Some people are vultures and take a long time to figure out that if someone comes onto strong too fast that might be a red flag. Yeah if someone like puts you on social too fast oh that's a little. I'm always a little weirded out about that. I'm always like if you always like whenever you first meet someone you're always like. Let's get a pick. Just don't get the pick. The I don't know much feels a little bit like look I'm hanging out with this person as opposed to just like you enjoy hanging. I'm actually hanging out with or how can you take a picture of me can. Yeah just met. I don't know your good work for you if someone tries to make you the personal photographer twos. There's you know not all establish the dynamic. It's a red flag if you can't be silent around someone so with Benton. I never felt like I had to perform around ten like we could just like sit in silence wants I love seeing. This is so great so hard though. If you're around someone you find yourself being like what are you reading. Liquidity doing like yacht means. Something about them is making. You feel like you're not enough for you need to entertain them or perform. I'm kind of a point where I can't be friends with people I feel like I have to entertain them or take care of them in any way. Yeah I think it's great so that's something we out so that's a big big one. I think a lot of people don't know that if you hang out with them for a couple hours and feel exhausted. Oh my God there might be something else. Go idea. Friendships is not to deplete you. It's to energize. You took me longtime learn that amen sister. You're like no no. You're such a gas to hang around. I Lo- I wish we lived in the same city. But I don't know I I think the same way EAPPEN how Long distance relationships I think are really healthy. I think when you start out in different cities you're forced to actually get to know each other and not overdose on each other and let all your neuro chemicals of my passion and less than sex can. Sometimes I don't even like you were so we we just you know Proximity is kind of why we're dating. I think that it really weeds out. That relationships have convenience but I think it's good for friendships to like when you're in town. We really were card to see each other. It's cute yeah it's really cute. Love it and I do feel like it. It's taken me a long time with people that are in the same businesses me to not feel like like I have to talk about work when I'm around them. You know that's a that's a struggle. I think sometimes yeah I guess we have to talk about all the work thing executives. You could just be fucking silly. Yeah Yeah and not talk about work all the time. I feel much pressure right now as like women and business to be like. Let's give each other the life hacks conquer this business like sometimes the best thing you can do is to just just like have authentic silly time in recharge you don't always have to be like hustling and plotting and planning and I just always feel like I want to compare notes and endless share. What I've learned you know? Yeah sometimes I mean a new friend and I'm like okay. This is the seminar. We're forming a company. You don't it always have to form a company. So what are we collaborating on. You know so. It's like always finding that balance. I I really struggle with that and then I'm kind of like every work friends real friends I put did that to myself because I felt like I only have you know. Yeah just I feel like you're more relaxed now. Now that we're on camera. I feel really relaxed to do now. The millions of people are listening. I feel super duty as soon as we walk off. maccabee actor Okay I'm seeing tomorrow. This is her. She doesn't post as much as I do. Because self respect and self esteem. Yeah but I will post her my feet. How about that so she does not have posted a love? You and maybe don't read elephants of us. I also have another book to keep your Clo- yeah there's that too fine. So many books books Tina Fey more books than Tina Fey. Books and Winnie's. Oh Wow you don't work for me. It'd be fire higher but I mean that's a choice fired. I have nothing else to say to another book. I want her number two. You don't want to do another the fucking book and I wrote the Foreword Right. The all of it you the back all of it. I can't I'm not Kano. You're so young you've got that time you seem very different from that came out. I would like to ask Fan. I would like to have a report writing. The Book Changed Me Writing The book. All of the things so funny when people come up to me and they're like Oh my God I'm going through this codependence and I have to say I'm like Oh well I'm through it like it's so that's your next book. I'm not talking to me like I'm beat it. No but I think that writing out in which is why as already said when you wrote this stuff like you're sort of mini four step in here when you right all of this stuff about yourself. It's so healing in the book. Healed so many parts of me and I'm like Oh shit. I'm not as broken as I used to be my even interesting anymore so everyone should write about yourself. That's part of why twelve step programs works so well because you're writing about all this stuff in healing all these invisible wounds but yeah I kind of like I need to go make a bunch more mistakes before I they would like to know about the good parts of your people have to remember fax. WHOA that kind of blew my mind and I almost blew past it? I never think that that is true. I never think ah that something going well as entertaining for people if you do it in a way that's not bragging you find those moments of still like I'm revealing really my flaws not just like I'm fucking nailing it syndication money like a gun right whales rails or rails all then as many good things as go on. You're still actively going through your steps and your ass things always growing your books have some of the best cover art correct. It's amazing like you see on a shell. From a mile docker Otros Mindy Tucker took both pictures. She's fantastic Delina Madden does my makeup makeup and I first WIG first. Book First. Wig is away. Both whigs are Nevada right. I think anyway okay. They update their instagram. Yes okay good there you go. The second cover looks so much like my cousin looked just like her weight. You have a black cousin. The cousins are black. My Mom's side my my aunts makes guy so okay I was like. Where's the connector? Here I was like well that that'd be like yeah. You know my scissor Filipino. Brought to your Mama Cat. How how but I did see? You'll be like should i. Goes how is she. I mean a man of the phone down. Yeah that's how we got our recalling the download the cash out for free the on the APP store or Google play. Google play market ten dollars for you ten dollars for the project. Oh my gosh. That's man that's what we do here. Don't ride elephants You know where to find us. I'm not saying all this shit. You know where you know what to do. You're adults. That's great great. Sign on yeah. I'm not doing this for you. It can find it. That's I can't help you.

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