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Os Setup so. What's Nice about this? When I get a new machine I can Immediately Open the web. Because you know I I know memorize the password and I can set up the new machine With all of the commands and everything that I need I have to say this is incredibly useful. It could be you know when I went car shopping. I put all the things that I needed in a car and then once I mean this is. This is so easy to do. I don't know I'm really a fan. Now it's free for a thousand blocks here. I've put together my Kovic. Nineteen pages with instructions on how to wash your hands Prep for the corona virus. You could put web pages in here. he could put tweets. You could put maps I feel like it's This is the exact opposite of taught and I think it's actually insanely useful. So there we got two picks one for one for the minimalist one for the maximalist notion. Yes installed tot on my Mac just now and I immediately know that I'm going to be using it a lot. It's puts a menu bar icon for you. I love and I just need to sometimes just like oh I gotta remember to call somebody later to put that in there and you know maybe it's also something that I wanna kind of plan out what. I'm going to do for work for the next week but I don't need to open notes for. I just need to do something really quickly. Yeah it's going to be useful for me for sure. Just if for no other reason than it's got a menu bar icon that lets me just jump in and look at it really quickly so with notebook. Yeah Yeah Yeah see I like wicky wicky whereas you just keep on. Keep on going and keep. And it's not adobe frame acres pages Leo like there's some there's room in between both. Yeah no I agree and to documenting battleships. Yeah there's maximalist vs minimalist. That's the that's the idea here. So Yeah Andy. Nocco your pick of the week My pick is something that I've been looking for for about five years and specifically thinking hard about for the past four months before pulling the trigger because it was kind of Spendy for me But this is all right is the Philipson meaning bag. I've looking for years for years to get a bite for life type of like everyday. Carry sort of bag solving. It's better than the nylon bags that usually get. I wear out after two or three years But wouldn't be so open. This is made out of one hundred percent ox blood leather and just not being practical. It really took me a long time to find one. That had all the earmarks that I liked meeting built really really well also really really classy. Has A lifetime. Warranty are also lifetime repair for things that fall outside of the warranty but also fit everything that I need or I want this sort of everyday carry bag to be. I'm I'm talking about the the the carry on bag. You stick under your seat not the not the role away you put in fifty bucks so it's a little bit spendy but It's it's very very thick. The twelve like a canvas It's reinforced at the bottom. Really Nice Leather. For All the fittings of all if Allah fixtures really really nice like leather strap all the fixtures are real brass. They're not some sort of like weird cheap pot metal or something like that but what I really like about. It is that it might not. It also has a needed for me. It needs to have a carrying handle at the top so that if you're just grabbing something from from the concierge at the hotel or you need something just to fix it to the topic rollaway. it's not saying this is necessarily the best bag for everybody. This is just the best. But this had all the features I liked out of every previous bag that I've been using for the past five or six years. Just walk you through a few of them like I need to have like the I like. The kind of has what's called a weather. Weather flap on the top for a couple of reasons one of which being that often too if oftentimes but not always the the straps that hold it down. We'll have like a little bit of like Like a bulge here. So if you have an umbrella or tripod can stick it up there. The other nice thing about having the storm flap. Is that if you're in a casual situation? You could just leave. The flap open like did and keep growing growing into it and like spring is coming and so the addressing layers. So I'll have my jacket and the jacket you can simply you don't have to even stuff it inside the bag even just laid across this. Put the flap over it and then carry it around that way has to have a magazine flab at the back for first order retrievability usually of things like my ipad or things that I'm reading At really like to have these little pockets on the edges like one four. My water bottle usually the other one has my super high capacity. Recharging battery The other thing the other thing is kind of controversial firm number of people. I know I don't like bags. Have Lots and lots of dividers little pockets inside them because now in very I just don't have stuff that fits into those pockets specifically so what I prefer to do is just like sort my own gear a little bundles like this It's big enough to hold really any thirteen inch and maybe fourteen inch laptops. The only like this is my thirteen inch macbook that I usually keep in this kind of asleep One thing that's kind of a warning sign for certain people I like this. I should say It's actually has like sort of a team that makes the the top of it narrower. So if you have a larger laptop you might have to sort of put one in first and then the other end as opposed to sliding it all the way down. I like that because when you have the flap in it protects the contents from the rain and also protected from fingers. Just being able to jump in people people behind you on the subway and grab things But again a lot of people are going to want organization. That's fine I should it only has as far as a pockets go. It only has two but they are big pockets and if you WANNA know how big they are. It is actually big enough to carry. Not only because he is he having his pockets. Not only my my Sony disc man oh pocket also has eter. That's how they're not. They're not chintzy little pockets If you pull vinyl out of they're not gonNA have words you'll get you can fit. You can fit in Alpine here now so like I said it's not it's not cheap. It's three hundred fifty bucks a available colors and get a smaller version of this. If you're just using it with an IPAD and that costs a little bit less if you sign up for the newsletter you can get ten percent off immediately And that's what I that's. Why would I engage with? Their policy is once again if if anything ever goes wrong with it because of defect if they didn't close a stitch rather properly and something POPs off Senate. They'll fix it for free. If just wear and tear happens they will charge you for it. But they've been around for about one hundred years and they will. I like the idea of fifteen years from now having like patches on this thing and I've seen videos of people who've had them for ten years showing off after ten years they look very nice beaten and and positive I will get. I'll give one little warning though and this kind of I had to navigate this to three hundred fifty bucks. I tried to say that. I'm frugal rather than cheap. So this is why it took me four months after discovering this to really decide if this is absolutely going to be the thing that was going to work for me despite the fact that there is a thirty day return policy so you can faucets and resale will condition. You can buy check it out with your own stuff in your office and then send it back. You don't like it but now there is a weird weird and suspicious thing Filton if you if you're live in Seattle. They have a filter. Filton factory store where you can buy seconds really cheap. That's fine but if you look online if you go to Ebay you'll find lots of sellers that have the same bag for two hundred fifty dollars. And it's not as though and their brand new with tags they say and they say oh well it's not like a limited number. They only have to. They seem to have as much as you can possibly get and for the life of me cannot figure out any answer to how are they able to get an unlimited supply of these bags for one hundred very very famous bags for one hundred dollars off retail unless they were absolutely counterfeit And so that's and I'm pretty sure that they there are a lot of conflict bags over there. Because I've seen like online reviews. I said Oh. The the the the so-called brass handle broke off after about a month or the stitching came undone like almost immediately and also most suspiciously. This is why I was so cautious that it won't I can't get my thirteen inch macbook pro in here and it's like wait a minute. I act- I didn't actually buy it until I went to the Boston store locally pro in their maximum my fifteen fifteen inch macbook pro inside my goodness slip. Base works fine. That's my age and I thought it was. That's nice so a and again if this were packed to the absolute gills. I think I would have problems getting it out because once again Sort of like a lip Kind of would have to make Shimmy out but so I would say make sure you're buying directly from Filton Because that was the big warning sign with people. I was concerned that. Oh well gee if it doesn't fit my macbook pro. I don't always leave the house with a Mac book. It really is more about the IPAD. But that would be kind of a deal breaker. So that's why actually made a trip. I filled my backpack with all the stuff they would I would Even even potentially carry everyday carry bag and went and actually took to the store for a test fitting and fifth grade so I think that there are knockoffs. That are a little bit too small. Oh the old one last feature that really liked and again. These are things that I have. I have to abuse these things for a while before I realized is what like the bottom of this. The bottom of the bag is wider than the top. Which means that when you are in that mode of. I'M CHECK OUT OF THIS HOTEL. I need to get out of here to get the right to the airport and you're just stuffing things in your bag. The death of me is when I'm I'm using a conventional bag where it's the same with from bottom to top so I'll get nice and stuff stuff stuff but then I can't close the top because I've overstuffed it. The thing is all the stuff is at the bottom and the narrow part of the top you will almost always be able to flip it over and actually seal it up anyway. So I've had this for about a week now I've taken it out on a couple of different excursions really really like it is. It's it's the has the hallmark of any for me for any like major purchase. That I will definitely be worried on my guy. My really gonNA spend three hundred dollars on a bag and then like a first time actually use it. I completely forget about how much spent on it because it is. It's the right size. The right functions the right features and I think it looks. Damn Nice and and I'm of the age where I'm going to enjoy having like the same bag my Ford Prefect bag that I've been fantasizing about since I was born with thirteen years old if I were going to a stringer for the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. This is probably the bag that I'd have with me all the time. Should I have a bag Jones as yeah many people know? Oh and I've never heard of Filton before I've been looking at all their stuff man. This is gorgeous since eighteen ninety seven. Yeah and they have. They have backpacks they have. They have briefcases. I didn't some people are like. Oh I I want to zipper top that I could secure well. They do have briefcases and other bag's Zipper tops to them. I want something big enough. That could actually not only have by laptop but also have a couple of days worth of likes stuff for a trip. They have also a small double. They have lots and lots of different stuff. That's of that same thing. They have only three or four stores. nationwide others flagship store in New York. Whether instance. There's one in Boston teen cloth I believe. It's like fine Corinthian leather. That's the name that they came up with. Its eye briefcase..

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