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Was our greatest pure athlete, or at least one of the true elite for sure the fact is that baseball was his pay attention. Fourth best sport fourth after basketball football and track each of which he performed at UCLA. In addition to baseball, you can look it up when it comes to Jackie Robinson to truth far exceed any fiction, you could concoct. Michael. This isn't just directed at our audience today, it's directed specifically to my my dear friend, Mr. album, once and for all I wanna put the Knicks into some historical context, you'll be able to understand completely living as far as you from Madison Square Garden there the lions now now that comparison the comparison doesn't completely track. The lions have won an NFL championship in over sixty years. The Knicks won their last nineteen Seventy-three, which frankly feels like eighteen seventy three to fans at the garden and the Knicks actually made a run to the NBA finals twenty years ago. So in the words of Billy Murray and Caddyshack wh which is kind of what the garden has become they got that going for him. But in terms of sheer dysfunction and mismanagement and biblical disservice to their fans the lions have nothing on our Knicks. Now, the Knicks are starting all over again again. When they do that a lot once they cleared a ton of cap space because they were going to get LeBron if this rebuild does work no worries Nick spans, they'll eventually be clearing cap space for LeBron's kid. Don't ask us. That's become my mantra when it comes to Tom Brady questions. True. He played college ball right down the road at Michigan and true. When someone becomes the greatest of all time, you figure you would spot it in college. Lebron James they spotted in high school. Yeah. But don't ask us because sports writers Michigan have combed their files and their brains for years trying to figure out how the Mazen blue Tom Brady became the red white and blue patriots Tom Brady. And we don't know here's the facts Brady played essentially two years at Michigan's the starter. The team didn't win it's conference either time he completed exactly the same percentage of passes sixty one he averaged the same yards per completion seven and a half and he threw sixteen interceptions against thirty touchdown passes. That ain't great. He wasn't named a consensus all American either year. Losing out to guys like cayden mccown, Tim couch and Joe Hamilton. It's true Brady played for Michigan's one national championship team over the last few decades nineteen Ninety-seven, but he was the backup to Brian greasy. Then and as everyone knows Brady's draft stock and combine performance sent him soaring to a six round selection. It's not the thirty one other teams passed over him. It's they passed over him at least five times, which is why sports writers like me and Michigan tend to look down at the Super Bowls where Brady is once again being favored. And we're the folks who are supposed to say, hey, you guys should have seen this coming or we could have told you. So instead all we have to offer as shrug and don't ask us. Hey, we're only human and apparently Brady is not. That will wrap it up for today sport supporters podcasts, and yes, we will be back Monday morning to talk about this little game Super Bowl. And but I whatever NBA news breaks over the weekend. We do this every Monday and Friday glad to have you joining us if it's a

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