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Jim Metzner, California, Vicky Moore discussed on KNX Morning News with Dick Helton and Vicky Moore


And industries to utilize gray water and there are and motives financially for industries to re use water and be efficient graywater is not widely used in agriculture they generally are using groundwater which is not gray water and they're using surface waters pumping out of rivers and streams which is also not gray water there are aspects of agriculture where they do re use water and recycle water that's gone through sewage systems that's high in nutrients that can be a benefit to agriculture those are opportunities that I think are relatively available in the spectrum of solutions more about water in future programs I'm Jim Metzner this is the pulse of the planet this is something California is only twenty four hour local news and traffic station K. and extend seventy newsradio bend us the morning on the cold and I'm Vicky Moore the mayor of LA has a message for the looters and the criminals you'll be caught this prank Motegi many businesses trying to pick up the pieces construction spending plunges your money at seven twenty those stories are coming up in the next fifteen minutes first at seven fifteen traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the bonds here's Jennifer your the scanners are talk about maybe something working on the one on five again I'm gonna go run to Scott is like in the southern California Toyota dealer sky five over the one oh five well I know they had a record out west for a five round one beach Boulevard that appeared to be clear but now the word is one of five westbound coming up up will begin apparently it overturned at the center of IDR forty scope of that out there it's definitely a back up here was one of five leading the seven step through what beach Boulevard so or think about using adversarial highway at this point west of there what you get out about what what will a break it's not too bad you do have a little flight they're approaching Crenshaw Boulevard high very good line itself five it was a lot happier a minute ago whatever was there it looks like it's clear now is it was kind of tough to get away from Devonshire actually but that is not the case anymore the good drive across the valley floor you've got the ball you want to get to the Ventura freeway and it makes you make your way up towards the top of the hill and simple to fast but overall looks pretty good now I can't tell you I see some Caltrans activity on the north floral five before Burbank and at least the left lanes you got about a half mile slowing down at north floral five next report seven twenty five the more tropical force more often I'm Jennifer York in the Toyota Glendora twenty four hour traffic center can.

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