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Comes Mexican save leading by a single point eighteen seventy nine. They got doubled a beautiful balance past the county going out of winter for three no three bad gab it up. I nobody yet Intel man grabs a volleyball player. Tillman? Do you ever? Go from Winston and his shot is blocked blocked by Justin Smith on the weak side. Usually when a guy goes up, a dunk like that it's always a foul, but nice d by Smith, I guess so I have a bounds. Twenty four on the Shacklock from Michigan safe. Winston gets into Kennedy going through seven or nine to go. First half buying a picks. Maclay bullet pass down low in the paint. Again, we're going to try to adding scores. African band is his first game MSU by twenty seventeen. Nice low post moves by Kenny. You don't see that much? Now, both walk labs have eight point with the ball drives right down. The lanes guarded by mcquaid. Jonah short has trouble. Getting a now goes over Smith where three ball airball her right to Winston here. Stashes he breaks her basket dribbled off his leg. That'll be the first turnover against the Spartans. And it goes against cash. Winston all people of all people six thirty five to go first half. Nothing has come easy in this game breeder team. It's Michigan state twenty Indiana's seventeen. Alpine goes over to Lanker download the mortgage working on spinning move reverse. All it's black goes on. Not a great job by Kennedy goings on the weak side blocking that one, but he did block it out of bounce so Kenny we'll take a break, Nick ward checks back again. So we add mcquaid Winston war Tillman cow lines. That's a fly right now for Thomas. Michigan state was nine team to go first happened. I miss you reading it twenty seventeen and that was already the fifth blocked by the spark Indiana's got the basketball Smith working on. It takes him down. This is the double d by Tillman arns guided sworn by people, and it's gonna be a hell ball, but hold on a minute right now. Jon morgan. Bluer that Indiana team is holding his left.

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