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Where I was knickknack master of toys. Yeah so you both played evil toy make. Guy DC comics properties. Yes. Well, I played the toy. What did I play again I'm so my God we maker Toymaker, but then I also in college humorous short I played the Penguin Did you in a live action short? I played the penguin and it was just really cool series called Batman and it's Oh Mike Y. Blanco on his name Pete Holmes. Batman but Batman. Yeah basically, he's basically like like brain damage. She's like the dumbest human being on the planet, but he does that voice. Got Goes Does the the Christian Bale Voice and and they do and I was like a Christopher Nolan version of what the penguin will look like if he had used them in the movies, it's funny scene but the makeup is so like holy of someone should actually do this. It's really cool. You can look it up online. It's a very funny sketch I when we one of my my happiest moments. We had on Adam West's know man and he said to me goes. You know. You would have made a great penguin. Yeah. Yeah and I thought wow maybe a great ridler. Yeah maybe Gr-. Well, there's a rumor range ridler Harlan. Ellison pitched an outline for an episode Batman that would have had to face in it. Yes. But it was apparently they thought it was too gruesome and they didn't do it and the rumor was they were going to at the time very young Clint Eastwood was gonNA play to face 'cause Dan here that was the rumor Harlan. Yes. Go, visit him next week and the interesting. How's he doing He his his mind is so goddamn sharp. He's know he's doing some physical therapy is bodies can, but he just does not lose a Goddamn beat and it's I. Think it's just from pure ordinariness, ass-. He just stays sharp. So angry on best but he's so hilarious while I ask for selfish reasons because we thought about having him on here. Oh, boy that'd be great and talked to him I. Mean the God, the stories that guy has yes. Well, he was also a crooner. He was lounge singer. Yes I. Know He was a trumpet player He Sang Sang. He'll tell you about it i. know he used to also go straight stuff lenny bruce? Yes. Yes. We should get Harlan Ellison on. On my phone rates storyteller he the one of the guy who was so many stories but he did when he wrote city on the edge of forever for Star Trek he had to get approval script approval from William Shatner and he he claims William. Shatner wrote over to his house on a motorcycle parts of the driveway read the script in the driveway but counted that he had more lines and Linda. Great. which makes if that is a I don't even think that's true. I wanted to be true and if it is true, it makes me love him even more. With Harlan Ellison and we. Oh. When you really Lakeway Linda Allison Wonderland Lens House I'll tell you. About. Ellison Wonderland have not had the play. With the secret rooms and the hidden pause. Weird. Yeah they're never. Yeah. Mick Jagger used to crash there. I know back in the day. Do you and they. Oh, you guys love this. There's there's a Bill Rossler softcore nudie flick called the Godson with regard. One of my favorite Russ Meyer actresses that was shot almost entirely inside ellison wonderland back in the sixties. No Shit. So if you want to see what this house looks like, go watch the Godson by William Rossler I'm writing all this down. Yeah and and and and you have to anti Larry Cohen's bone and and God Damn Harlan Ellison gets to bury his face between who she guards breasts. I remember forever. I remember asking him why he wanted to write for the flying nun back in the day and he said, won't obviously I wanted to fuck sally. Had just the right answer you have to and it's getting late in Dave's here. All right wonderful. Do Do you want it quickly tell the the day the clown cried story because I know Gilbert will appreciate it God. Okay. Very very quickly I came in possession of the shooting script for the day the clown cried which I sat down and read this way back in the ninety, five, ninety six and it's a Goddamn bunker script because it was John O'Brien and simply Denton Oh. Yes and they wrote a very serious Krypton and he. Could see where he swooped in his comedy pass like the scene where he's pissing ice literally pissing ice. So I boil it down to like the scenes that really worked and I would do these invite only stage readings of it with like David Cross and you know Jon Glaser Stephen Colbert narrated at one time We did them in New York and and then I got busted because the the La weekly caught wind of it and did a whole like pick of the week You know the day the clown cried, and then we were served with season desist papers at the theater. We're going to do it at in Santa Monica I thought they were from. Jerry. Lewis. But it turns out. It's from this producer who had the right to the original script who wanted to do it and at the time he was like. I have got I'm not going to let a bunch of Goddamn nobody's read this thing in some shit ask theater in Santa Monica. I've got Chevy chase interested in this and and that night you know he was screaming at me and then I and Bob Odenkirk was in the cast and then so we did a whole show out being shut down and Bob and David Sketch about the Guy Finding, out about it and my favorite line was Chevy Chase was born to play a clown who marches children and do an attack. Was So Goddamn hilarious. So. Yeah just. Had All these like you know it was just. It was one of those very surreal and then you got to meet Jerry for that. Well Yeah. Wisely doing these the the the year that Henny youngman died they brought in Jerry was wondering and all these young Comedians to up and read when of Henny youngman jokes in a line like, yes. Well as a tribute which I love Henny. YOUNGMAN I. Have you listened to one of his albums recently I'd forgotten how fast pace on it is a machine gun of jokes remember as no breathing room I once went out to lunch with many young men really, and it was great. 'cause he that's who he was but it's such a people keep forgetting like the hear his. His jokes isolated? Yeah. Okay. It's a funny joke I. Don't see why this guy but it's not the. The pacing is so relentless that while you can't keep up with I, it's like it's like. Death by a thousand cuts after a while it just becomes almost exciting. How funny is because it's these little extra just building and building, and it's amazing listener. So and they were trying out and then they ended up cutting the sketch Jerry sitting there in his always wearing. Shorts. and Zip up jacket but he but on his desk, he had that the rumor was he had that big silver briefcase, the bulletproof briefcase that had the reels for the day. The clown cried in it that was always carrying around I'm like I should fucking grab that and just run. Grab it and run, and then I will be chased around there'll be helicopters but back, you just get this do a thing. I could transfer to videotape and just get it out there Vira like I'd be I'd I'd be in jail, but I will be this weird. Yeah. Yeah exactly. Like a noir film where I have the day, the.

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