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So it's a lot less than a normal class i just i was really fun but guess what they're all over the world they are also in major us cities and international chicago atlanta austin london toronto wellington new zealand show to the kiwi unease there are the place so if you guys are interested check out dance dance party partycom and if you happen to be an la honey dpp l acom i will be there maybe he'll i ha i don't know also is wanted to shout out to celeste she is a honey inner cute schnauzer with the eyebrows olive i ran into them walls walking out of says party party and i met her dog and then was walking when she goes by the way out with your podcast shadows the last if you're a seamico say hi okay um because it brains my whole day i needed that i needed that seles thank you all just plug social media real quick chooses instagram is at hello i'm the church two is ch o c h everybody show cheers some love our birthdays coming up in a one series is up to she's always up to something so that's all i have for this intro enjoy the episode honeys the up jio we have man nineman bad management my name is el nino butte is your girl jackie j what an exciting episode we have here i'm sitting with a stranger i think it's fair to say the first stranger of had on edge view her name's lauren adams and say hello lori.

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