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O'clock. Thanks to Lisa. It's tuesday. It's December the fourth and runs saint-pierre now tomorrow, there would be no mail delivery. There will be no trading on Wall Street. It's a national day of mourning the passing of president, George H W Bush. So what does that mean in terms of this potential government shutdown? Joining us now is Michael Barr from our twenty four seven network. How does it impact that morning? Michael. Well, what we know is that the government shutdown is at this point in time seemingly put on hold in some part due to the death of George H W Bush. This may be the last technical bipartisan civility effort that. The now past president is able to be a part of avoiding and averting this government shutdown for at least a week and possibly even to. So yes, you're correct. The post office closed you're gonna see certain elements of the federal government closed for tomorrow. But that is all a part of the morning process over former president, the reality is as far as the government shutdown was supposed to be going Friday was the deadline for finishing on the federal budget. That's what we're looking at this upcoming Friday. However, the house committee that writes, the annual spending bills announced on Monday that legislation had been filed to keep the government running until December twenty first Senate appropriations committee also confirmed that that was the date and spokeswoman for the house committee says lawmakers are expected to pass a temporary spending Bill later this week. The Senate scheduled to have votes on on Wednesday. Also. Oh expected to approve the measure, otherwise if we don't get this thing taking care of here in the next couple of days, the department of homeland security, the IRS the Commerce Department and a few other federal agencies are going to have to furlough workers in non critical position starting on Friday. So there's just a couple of days here to get this done. And technically that pushes any real hardcore discussion about what may go on for government funding the wall, the President Trump wants the five billion dollars with a B worth the funding for that wall. And where they're able to possibly meet or just create another extension that you've got right before Christmas. You're going to have those discussions. You know, we look at it and people label at a quote partial shutdown limited in scope, but those agencies you just mentioned they employ over six hundred thousand federal workers. Absolutely. We're talking about big agencies here, we're not talking about relatively small agencies. We're talking about you know, you've got department of homeland security in case we've missed out on that. Or haven't thought about it for a week or so that's what President Trump says there's? Major concern down on the border, and that we need to be taking care of other people that are trying to make their way over the border will that's one by the department of homeland security, and then you've got the IRS then you've got the Commerce Department. You're talking about really big agencies that may have to be furloughed if they don't get this deal done. President Trump seeming to say that it doesn't matter to him. He wants the funding for his wall. And he's only got a limited amount of time before the house turns to a democratic majority. So he feels like he's got to try to get this done before the first of the year when the house officially takes over in January. Okay. Michael Barr from a twenty four seven that. We're Michael you gotta run. I have a great morning to eight minutes after seven o'clock. President Trump's top economic advisor yesterday said that the White House wants to end subsidies for electric vehicle purchases. But he didn't say how it would eliminate the incentives that were created by congress. Larry cudlow, the director of the White House. National Economic Council told reporters that electric car subsidies will all end in the near future, adding twenty. Twenty or twenty twenty one. When asked for a timetable also said, no plans are in place to cut off General Motors company from federal spending after President Trump last week directed agencies to explore how to do. So after lashing out on Twitter at the automaker's plans to close plants and cut thousands of jobs Kudlow, however, didn't provide details on what the White House would do to eliminate or change the electric car tax credits, which would require an act of congress. The French president since his prime minister to make peace with protesters after violent riots broke out in Paris. Fox's Simon Owen more from our European bureau. French Prime Minister Eduard delete attempting to defuse tensions..

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