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Take this and go into the House of Commons. We got everyone coming back on Monday. What did the Conservatives now need to do with all that's going on with the leadership race and folk turn to the focus in the House of Commons leaning to fulfil their role as the official opposition Mister Trudeau Trudeau has set out today. a guiding light of whatever he's talked about it yesterday compromise and consultation and sunshine China blue skies. I think it was a wash. Rinse repeat of his two thousand fifteen caucus Message before the house comes. Got Back to work after the last election It'll it'll it'll remain to be seen whether he actually follows through on that Make sure that Piece of legislation or piece of policy. Also that are trying to be put through the comments that the Conservatives may have legitimate gripes against that they hold it up with every tool in the in the opposition toolbox box in a in a minority parliament and And get through really truly. Just get through to the end of June when a new leader emerges Don't don't don't break anything. Don't break anything. You breakage. Bought it true that Jeff. So we have the leadership race with the Conservatives Neal's neal's At vices to just stay the course until June twenty-seventh what do the liberals now have to do as government Coming into this Correct that's a good rule to follow for all all government activity. I guess so coming into this week so it's back to school season And I think members from all caucuses got a little taste of things in December but I would just call that a little taste of things that was a a flash in the PAN for a a couple of days. Everybody was still very fresh off the election. So now we're into the real now we're into the real school year And so a couple of things one they we have a throne speech at Sylvia's be passed. That confidence vote. We all seem to sort of forgotten about it but we'll be I believe probably priority number one. They have to finish debate on that before they can move on much else And I think it just begs the question. We all have a presumed outcome The block of made their friendly noises But that was also almost two months ago and so I'm just curious to see whether that debate takes a weird turn Or whether it just continues and finishes as expected so people can get on other issues. The legislative docket is not going to be happy. Can't be happy for for reasons. I think our listeners understand which is if you put a bill on the table you lose control of it so you better have your ducks in a row in terms of WHO's going to support it or you're pretty darn close with some amendments that you might make once it's on the table but you need to know that a bill isn't just going to take on a life of its own and then pass it a form that you don't like as the government because it it got hijacked by other people's interests So legislatively. You'RE GONNA see very few which means house won't have a whole lot of debate. I don't think actually I think they're going to be quite thin on those things. I'm curious whether there'll be more recesses and stuff which people might actually get behind wind because the other thing. That minority parliament does put butts in seats and And just you know our listeners. Speaking from some experience and working in the in the beginning minority thirty years and then -tario serving cabinet ministers in those capacities. I had a boss WHO's ministerial office was five blocks away from Queens Park and that he didn't set foot in Senate for a year and a half except after seven PM. Because we simply could not do a stakeholder meeting we couldn't do we can sign. Correspondence couldn't brief the minister on on subjects. Unless it was coffee shop nearby that you guys could meet. It was in the lot it was in the line of the legislature Or if we were lucky and I know West blocks is a little short on these things that meeting room nearby so members and ministers are going to have to get a new way of operating that they may not be used to after a term my majority government. I think that applies opposition members as well because they got to be in the seats to and for ministers. It's a little bit more difficult because ministers have obviously additional duties in a regular member And when you're in a minority and you need to make sure that the all this is coming from a place where you can't have any websites you can't lose emotion. You can't have a bill. Bill voted down at bare minimum. It's just embarrassing. And you'll be you'll be criticized rightly for it for days or weeks to come absolutely so so you can't make that mistake because I mistaken either just embarrassing best-case scenario worst-case scenario can drop the government I think that's where the conservatives coming and trying to make sure that they're disciplined enough to actually actually accidentally caused the fall of the government. Same for the new Democrats or anybody else for that matter but this is a numbers game at the end of the day. It means that there will always have to be you just one more liberal member within fifty meters of the Chamber at any given time than there are opposition someone who watches it at allow me to figure out a WHO's who in the House of Commons because we'll see a lot more cam. I WANNA get your take. What is the new Democrats have to do coming in? Starting Monday I visited Democrats. It's one one of the big things it's going to be cutting through the din right now because being the fourth party it's trying to make. How do you stand out in the agenda because obviously the the conservative leadership race taking up a lot of the debate a lot of the area now in the room Nafta two point will become four. Parliamentary government's said they're going to do the ways and means motion on Monday in Jerusalem. The bill on Wednesday so that'll be relatively consequential in that. Debate comes forward. So what do you do to try to cut through and still try to advance your goals and we've got a good clue that yesterday The MVP DP announced they're going to be bringing forward a bill on national farm Macaire renounced stats going. Outside doesn't matter the point is that you're putting you're putting it on the agenda and they have a private member's spot in the first fifteen it'll come up right away and that will that will help push the trial would get their way through this. I think what's going to be interesting for them. How Oh you stay disciplined your own message what you WanNa do not get caught up when everything also tap? I think that's one of the hard things in a minority because things do just go sideways some things do get out of hand and it just part of the nature of the beast and I think Jeff's point about counting counting heads and making sure people butts in seats. I personally what I expect to see happen. I expect the government to be more aggressive at this point because they know they've got six months where the Conservatives are really gonNA wait not to bring down the government. We saw this with Mr Match. He became leader of in the last minority. Where the the Liberals put for this beautiful approach of we're GonNa vote against you just not enough butts in the seats to actually take you down? And and that spawned one of the greatest peace political satire in in history in my view of Rick Mercer bringing full Baptist choir singing back debt backing down and loving it. It was but that's what it was like. We're going to oppose you but not so far as to risk ourselves and when you tell the butts and seats piece that also one of my favorite moments in the house Back in two thousand nine One day one day in a house we notice that the Liberals had very few members actually in the House so pat Martin at the time raised raised up in the house and moved a motion to formally make Jack late and literally official opposition for the day and it nearly passed because the liberals were sent scrambling back into the room to stop it right but the fact is stuff like this can happen now as you kinda have to be on your toes and be well organized and yeah. If if you're if you're in DP and your position you have more power in that sense but you have to be dishes and how you use it. Yeah and some silly fun too. Who I think is what your example just highlights there will be those those silly fun moments and there will be the We're actually trying to put you over Put you over on something that you don't want to talk for both Mr Mr Blanchette it's continuing the momentum that they got in the in the election You know if we you can cast our minds back to the end of August. People were predicting the end EP. Getting zero seats and through the sheer power of Mr Personality which nobody had seen up until the election. Actually I don't think we'd see during the leadership but disappeared shortly thereafter. He whether he brought the party back from the brink of destruction. Or Not that I that I. That's probably too strong a phrase but again Mr Blanchette as well he You know the Bloc Quebecois always essentially gone and through a variety of whatever reasons as a some of it being his personality They became the third party and And for the Liberals going into this next Next section of this parliament arledge. He's caucus management It's been Eight years majority for for the Conservatives for for the Liberals There's a certain Lackadaisical equalness if I can say that of worrying about the what goes on in the House of Commons and what goes on your own caucus when there's a majority and there's no real fear of of losing anything anything Getting new MP's and new ministers accustomed and all the MP's and the minister oldness sorry experienced in peace and experienced ministers there's back into the mindset of every day counts. When you wake up in the morning you have to have your head on and and come to the House of Commons because there is the work work of governing to do which is maintaining an Blah with block? I think we need to keep very conscious. wiki pointed them as a wildcard. This whole setup. What they're gonNA do legislatively is going to be for me is going to be fascinating because naturally with to make someone who would oppose this Nafta bill coming up yet? Francois go formula goes where he said. Don't don't you dare you back off right and see so. They've always taken the approach while we follow the National Assembly. Well if the national do the buck the trend here do they. Not I think this to me is a real wild card. This whole thing which really is going to make it interesting to see how this how this parliament actually survives I was involved in a podcast yesterday with Another partisan group and the serve on the panel said. He was putting money on the next election. Being made you you know what was the block and how they operate I can see it because they're the ones who least want to go to an election have the the most to lose because they have the lease organization lease ability and frankly they're happy where they are and they have most wiggle room to actually make it happen because they the there are so many me thinks they can vote on that are very inconsequential to their voters. Just have to see. I'm looking forward to the mall coming back. I'm actually looking forward to hearing from all again. 'cause it's been quiet Royat. I mean just seeing the prime minister out and all that kind of stuff. So it'll be nice to see sheer in saying and launched in May everyone back in the House of Commons so that'll be exciting and learning all the new. MP's on a permanent basis..

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