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B. C was happy. A friend of the show Joey Chestnut World champion compared Bit of either one. The Nathan's hot dog eating contests again over the weekend Tradition, their fourth of July and Coney Island. How long do you have to live in Indiana? Before you can be called a Hoosier? Oh, yeah, he just moved here. Um They call him? Who's your now? Screw it. He loves it here. He's made No no bones about saying that he loves the Midwest and loves Indiana. Is it coming for a guy that grew up in San Diego? For God's sake? It's beautiful over there. In southern California. But he, uh One with you think he broke his record from last year by 1 76 hot dogs, The closest To him that came in second place. The guy only did 56 of a second. A lightweight. Okay, only 56 hot dogs in 10 minutes. If you felt inspired to eat 100 ton of hot dogs over the weekend, Joey tests Chestnut did it right, man. And because a lot of people like they head into the summer, and they're like, all right, this is gonna be the time where I get into shape. I'm going to lose weight and get outside. I'm gonna go running. I'm gonna take care of my body. But then the cookouts come and the holidays come and you see a guy eating 76 hot dogs. And you think you know what? Maybe this isn't my time. And if that's you if that sounds like you Here at the Hammer and Nigel Show our record label Hammer and Nigel Records. We might have the perfect song for you. And when we put this together, we may or may not have been going through a little bit of an Ed Sheeran phase. Mickey D's is in the best place to lose weight for the summer. So you go for run. Just see when you sleep goes on a long road. Try to convince yourself this will be fine. It's in the first corner ran out of nowhere. Looks like a new doughnut shop. This popped up Put your hands on the window. And all you can say is this is going to be harder than I thought. Oh, you know, you want it bad licking your lips and freaking out, Everybody. Come on now. Why do you need this to.

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