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That is nonsensical and it should never occur so if that is in fact the case we need to take a very close. Look at what. We're relying on to validate and certify these election systems and software to ensure that we're not certifying guaranteed obsolescence of the system. Now let's assume for a moment what maricopa county said was true that they could not update those systems because of the certification issue. There are a couple of problems with that As borne out by the artifacts on the actual ems server itself. So if that is true then that would mean that no new execute files. No new dynamic link libraries could be created or modified on that system after the date of the software installation which once again was six august. Two thousand nineteen. What we found is that there are four execute -able files that were created after this date of dominion install. There were forty five executed files that were modified after this date of in stop there were three hundred and seventy seven dynamic link library files which were created after the dominion software installed and there were one hundred fifty or one thousand fifty three d. l. l. files that were modified after this date so if we assume that what the county representatives true in fact that voting system would not have been certified at the time of the election. Talk a little bit about log management here so there is a federal statute that requires the preservation of election related materials for twenty two months after the date of the election that applies not only the paper but it also applies to digital artifacts maricopa. County failed to preserve the operating system security logs to cover the dates of the election provided security logs early in the audit process but did not provide the windows security clock itself when we examined the ems server. We found that the the dates covered by the security log only went back as far as the fifth of february. Two thousand and twenty one others a couple of reasons for that and we'll go into those Later but the bottom line is that they. They failed to preserve those those logs or at least those logs were not turned over to the auditors. And so i'm assuming since they were part of the subpoena that those should have been provided had they been present next item. There's credential management this is probably the most offensive item on this list to me because it carries such a huge impact on the secure ability of a system. What we found is that for the election management system adjudication systems the icc's all of the voting related systems. They all shared a common password for both user accounts and for administrative accounts in just to be crystal clear. It was the same password for all those accounts. So to complicate matters as well. Those accounts had not been changed into the installation of the software so they were established on the sixth of august two thousand nineteen and never changed their. Furthermore was not an individual accountability of the users who access specific accounts so that you could tie a username in action in an individual When you discovered something that was an anomaly. We did not see any software or any effort to establish and monitor a host baseline of programs and processes. Furthermore we did not see any log aggregation or methodology by which to establish and monitor the network communications for this system or simply was none of that software present on any of these devices next libraries. We also didn't saw in detected that there was a failure in hardware configuration within the voting system. Now what you're seeing right here. Is the system the acquisition photos for the system that was identified as the adjudication to workstation. Now you'll see in that picture that there are two hard drives that came out of that cyst woman have to hard drives and assistant for data storage etc cetera. However both of those hard drives are beautiful. So what that means is that you can boot from a hard drive. It is not part of the election configuration and have access to the election network very important. It's clearly not an approved configuration. It was the only system that we found a duel boot situation. Now to further complicate matters a little bit. And i'm not going to make judgment as to the legality of this or whether or not this deserves. Further action is that on that second bootle hard-drive there appeared to be non maricopa county data. So let me let me define that a little bit hard drive. Their word dominion databases that appeared to be one demonstration data but also data that may have originated from washington state and south carolina. And i drive that. Not from an in depth investigation of the data that was outside my vote from the naming conventions of the databases themselves so once again. Validating and approving the configuration of the of these systems is critically important to preserving the integrity of that election system. I would also note that neither of the two audit.

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