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Yeah The negro national league was formed in nineteen twenty the eastern teams were not included. I believe after the nineteen twenty one season or perhaps for the nineteen twenty one season The backer iraq's and there were made associate members so they were not actually part of the league. And i think the associate status. I believe you know gave them some degree of protection whereby they could play negro national league teams and they also there players would not be poached by eager nationally teams. I think it's really about all it. Did the associate membership. I'm a i'm guessing. They probably have to pay something in to do that again. If i recall correctly Possibly hildale may have only done it for one year because they felt they weren't getting much out of it again. A hard percents sure it seems like at least it would guarantee him a bunch of games right. It's almost you know from from a business and financial ledger. Perspective right at say. Hey here are some of the better teams or best. If you will teams in this fledgling league and we're gonna get to play them even hosting and stuff and whether they're exhibitions or for an actual competition column scoring all that kind of stuff. It's still it's still some paydays right that you can at least circle and guarantee on schedule while you're trying to fill in with the rest of it in theory. Yes but here's the here's the problem. And this is why. The eastern teams always a giant advantage to the mid western teams Been washington too far so a and the twenties the time we're told my right now. They weren't traveling by bus traveling by train to take your your team. We'll see posters american giants..

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