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Them. Both let's talk to mice brad. Hey tobias welcome to the show. Hey thanks yeah man so we connect it a little while back. I think you actually reached out to us. Surge following some of our stuff and i hopped on your summit. You did back at the actually recorded it in bali like i remember the sun son was rising as the video. We were recording in the background. I was like oh you back in germany now. Which feels like brian so do you sleep. Sometimes i sleep. Yes do occasionally yeah so like when you reached out. I was like okay this guy and checked into what you're doing and you're very lifestyle you you have this. It seems like a perfect lifestyle business for yourself. You're very diversified so i'm like. This is an interesting dude. He's a new initiate your like one of the best guitarist i think i've ever heard so you're going to have and you have like thirty five million plus views and all your videos on mm youtube. Yes yeah like take us. I guess there's a lot of different rabbit holes. We're going to go down but give us some background. How'd you get started handed in all this whole lifestyle business and guitar and all that it's a right after my studies i kind of pounded startup in berlin and we go live some venture capital from some famous devi stations in germany and <hes> but still after three years we didn't get the follow up investment and we didn't reach our revenue goals and then i we had to close down the startup and for me. This was kind of <hes>. Actually i always wanted to start your own business and then at this company but i wasn't really happy with it. I felt really yet actually really trapped in your report investors all the time and there was a lot of pressure on my shoulders and having a team and being <unk> <unk> vulnerable team and i was more like i want to travel wanna be re. If i don't want to work for a month i don't yeah one to have to work and so author of my first endeavor help i decided to go more into this lifestyle business mall timothy ferriss stylish style and at that time i you generally took off and i got a lot of of us and then i was like okay i kind of need to monetize that traffic <hes> from that i get from youtube and then i founded my i own business with lead was totally independent. <unk> is an online guitar academy that still run and it's like a yeah like a membership side people pay monthly or yearly fee and this kind up really freaked me up and then <hes> sitting at home. You didn't have to do anything because money was coming in recovery and i started to travel around and focusing on new projects and this is how everything started in the beginning wow okay so i like the fact that he started with startups because we've been through that and we completely relate to the whole like you have to report to your investors in this tieman. It's almost like it's decision by committee is like what we've used to so we yeah we bailed out of that whole scene and went more lifestyle. Yeah i'm curious. I'm curious just kind of dive into the youtube stuff a little bit so you've got thirty five million. How many subscribers do you have on your youtube channel currently around three hundred thirty thousand three hundred thirty thousand so let's talk about how how how you built that youtube channel like. How did you get the initial momentum. I know in the beginning. You weren't monetize. You're you're putting great content out there but how did that initial..

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