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Pay is crosby scores his twenty fifth goal of the season so pittsburgh with the early lead is the goal comes to twenty nine but now here comes brian gibbons dumping it to the left wing corner ju stafford who had a pair of assists in the loss to san jose on tuesday please it around shot from the point is stopped by murray and the lines mid is shaken up somebody ran into him far side and i think that's tony sarah colo who is down just going back to that goal matt this is the problem crosby all alone like there wasn't a devils player that could touch him with his stick never mind checking them so i'm just saying those are the type of breakdowns i know they talked about it you can't you can't give this penguin team layup easy goals like that but a forty the governors have done it before they come back nashville even maybe trail here in pittsburgh but as you see it just not gonna work if you don't have better coverage down low and tony's up on his feet i saw him before the game he had like three cups of coffee i said tony that's how you get up for the game he's not offer me but he got clipped there after he's going to go to the dressing room and now they will have to decide one of the the referees will help with the off sites what happened was he was the puck was along the wall he hopped up on the half wall in front of the penguins bench but a player and i think he was riley sheahan tangling with brian gibbons kind of pope tried to poke the pot but instead the stick road up caught tony skates and brought him down onto the ice so perhaps he just had his the wind knocked out of him hopefully it's nothing serious and the veteran will return shortly so crosby's goal is twenty fifth at two twenty nine the assist jamie alexia and jake gansel and pittsburgh has the one nothing lead face off to the right of matt murray devils have the he sure lied out there face controlled by the pens they might ice it here though it's waved off i'm not sure we had four officials that would be the call but we're one linesman short so it's like the.

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