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We've got nachos and economy das bowl and they have like an nice place where could serve yourself so. I'm sure that like we can get more sour cream in those kinds of things. Then it says we tried to watch castle show as which we. I don't know what that means. I think we do like it was too busy as something to have. Show dancing in front of the castle and then says delay. But it's not connected says tried to watch castle showed delay seven tools. Mine ride so. I think we'll probably happened. I don't know we'll see what the next page notes kasit. But a data either we were the castle show is delayed or the mine ride was delayed because he was a drizzly little trip there. Now there's also this big disa- disappointment there because So let me see how explain oldest thing. So this was december twenty third. I don't know why so scooter. I don't know what happened. He he was really looking forward to have an eggnog ice cream. Shake and they did not have And they had like they'd had the day before was that when we went to the day before when we were already back for the but he he didn't get it because he said i'm not hungry for ice cream right now because you know we'd been up all night In so he went to the said. Well i'm ready for my ice cream. Milkshake now but they did not have it in so he was a bit. Let down so that would make sense. We ate at that place than we walked to. The suj- castle show wasn't going and in the seventy was mine ride. Maybe it wasn't working is something and we had as a fast pass. I'm guessing and then we went and got his scooter said well. I want to get my eggnog. Ice cream. shake and then he went to the ice cream place supposed have and they said..

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