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It's all my always see French coming back to me and Michele is a marketing and retail expert with over twenty years. the the people who made them are coming from around the world which is unbelievable that's amazing with their any other lake I was thinking as you were talking about that we're we're exactly where we were looking to be now it's about the expansion worldwide attention and I would say that we there is many many that we want to do of course it is gets is getting faster in new Europe right now for us where we're with arrows in London so we have many many account in Europe but surprisingly we were very well represent ear in Canada so that's one of our main main main focus right now and there's a reason why we're here in draw two and we will have we will be we'll have a direct contact with customer for the next month and stuff like that so Canadian market is something very important right now and then the American market but we feel actually since we we're we're starting to be very well recognized as a Canadian brand so that we need a strong representation ear in our market and World Wild Winter Rhode Canadian winter coats are very very estimated around the world and some are are editor open some of those market but now I always say that now winter Canadian winter cold is for us chocolate for Switzerland or something like that we're very well recognized for it yeah there's a really cool campaign that cook does where it used is every day people in the marketing can you talk a little bit about that camping please yes actually this camping Ah bring to the bill because he and I are working very close to them and physically work with them at the manufacturer and one point remembering we were in the cafeteria where people having lunch and the bells ring and all those people came down and we were back we were setting with people from around the world eating different thing the smell and everything and we felt it we felt that it was like something unbelievable can always recognize people working for them but with the positioning with the fact that we we claim a very local made locally and having this from the other side of having people from around the world yeah well this is something this is a great image that we should show to the world actually and we work with the people activity worth the awards people from our country where people from everywhere on the will and we just ask them to show exactly out their dress in their real life life and we just put the code on them so we we didn't style them or anything so and there were so so so proud it creates something inside the organization it creates something unbelievable talking a little bit more about when you create that kind of feeling in the organization what is it for the brand I think that it's it's it's all about much we believed altogether much we believe in our target are much we believe where we're going brand and how much we feel that everyone is important so that camping's really brings because the for of course the the much effort we put on on the brand right now in on the images and really failed at felt that they were Horton to to the coast and everything but also very important for the brand perception so uh the became all of a sudden so proud of what we're D- were doing and so they were already very engaged but it's I think it's great emotion it's very we were all crying when we showed the images to them it was very very emotional for people who are perhaps at the helm of their own brand or or working in the fashion industry when you go back to the question of what's I'm your brand's DNA what would you what would you task them with paying attention to in order to really figure that because I think there is such a it's the core of everyone's of everyone's brand and everyone's business but it can be really easy to get distracted and try and be some thing that you're not sometimes how do you how do you really a synthesize and figure out exactly what that core is elite.

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