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Hookah study. I nine hundred ninety seven six AM like who time. Three hospital. Doc to school, the news conference to make shocking announcement. Diana Princess of Wales was dead. She had cost away early that Sunday morning after suffering, massive internal injuries in high speed car crash marriage. The tragic accident could shortly after midnight in tunnel along the Seine river. At the Pont alma bridge less than half a mile from the Eiffel tower while paparrazzi the photography constantly tailed. Diana chased her car on motorcycles. Somebody said. Diana's call was traveling at eighteen miles per hour through the narrow tunnel. A French officials said, a driver Banri pool, party, lost control of the Mercedes and witnesses reported the cost land into a concrete support post then bounce into a wall, her companion Dodi fired the other passenger and the driver, what pronounced dead at the scene. I'm being work is managed to revive for at the crash scene, but a heart stopped beating on arrival at the hospital said, doctor Breen over you. Head of the hospital's intensive care units. Sojourns. They've been injured chest, close the wound in her heart on message, the heart for two hours in the vein, battle to save a life, but sadly could not revive her. Yes. Suddenly in an instant, she was gone, leaving family and the rest of the world to mourn. Join us on a supernatural journey. As we uncover the shocking details of Princess Diana's death examine the mystical facts, investigate the conspiracy theories. I'm reveal how it was written in the sauce. They is death by misadventure. Princess. Diana was born on July first nineteen sixty one under the zodiac sign of cancer. She was the fourth child of John Spencer vis count all Thorpe and his first wife. Francis. The Spencer family shared a long history with the British Royal family. Both of Diana's grandmothers had served as ladies in waiting to Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. Princess, Diana had three siblings, Sarah, Jane, and Charles her infant brother. John died shortly after his birth. And one year before she was born, she grew up in park house. The spencers had leased the home from its owner Queen Elizabeth, the second, the Royal family frequently holiday that the neighboring house and Diana played with Prince Andrew and Prince, Edward as a child. Despite living in a beautiful castle fit for a Princess in an interview. Diana stated always seeing her mother crying and a father who never spoke to the children about family problems. She said it was a very unstable childhood with the frequent change of nannies, and the lack of communication in the family. Donna was seven years old. When her parents finally divorced. Her mother later began a romantic relationship with Peter Shand kid and married him in nineteen sixty nine. She lived with her mother in London during her parents, separation in nineteen sixty seven, but over the Christmas holidays, Lord Al Thorpe refused to let her return to London with her mother. Shortly afterwards, he won custody of Diana with support from his former mother in law. In nineteen seventy-two Lord Althorp began a relationship with Countess of Dartmouth. They married and Caxtons hall London in nineteen seventy six. Diana then became known as Lady Diana after her father later inherited the title of Earl Spencer in nineteen seventy five. At which point her father moved the entire family from Parkhouse to the Spencer seat in north Hampton Shire. When she was only thirteen Diana told her father, she knew she would marry someone in the public eye and thought it possibly would be an ambassador. Her fairytale came true at the age of sixteen when she met Prince Charles in November of nineteen seventy seven. He was dating her older sister Lady, Sarah. They were guests at a country weekend or in the summer of nineteen eighty. When she watched him play polo and he took a serious interest in Diana as a potential bride.

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