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The real story was Frankie. So. Hopefully the look forward to a good season, anywhere watching him. Well, this is something that racing has to and I know people are going to get tired of it very quickly. It's like, oh God, it's Frankie's last royal Alaska that's Frankie's last year. Frankie's last breeder's cope. Boss, it's a terrific marketing tool, because what you said earlier on about who are the jockeys who transcend the sport, you are right. It's Rachel blackmoore and Frankie the Tory. There isn't like for all that we love Rhine Moore and he's an incredible talent. Just doesn't have the charisma. They're not booking him to go on grey Norton's show. Whereas Frankie would be on that. So yeah, I think racing has to properly milk this for all it's worth. And another jockey has got a terrific personality. A Sheen Murphy. Big friend of the show. And winning a classic went very close on a 120 5 to one shot the day before. Got a great tune out of that horse for Kevin Ryan. And then goes and wins the big one on Marge at a 9 to one shot in the end for side winter royal. That is side bin Soros first British group one win for ten years. hard to imagine that I hear him saying after I take a 191 group renders of group one winners I think he said something huge, but it's hard to imagine that he is he went back long, like obviously in the meantime charity up will be has gone from strength to strength. Well, apologies Dennis apologies. I've engaged in Russian disinformation and fake news. I gave you an accurate stat. It's not ten years since I've been through Rosetta. Sorry, no, no. I've been confused by my new producer for goodness sakes. It's his first British classic for 14 years and his first British group one for ten years. So we were correct. No Russian disinformation here. But yeah, he has been eclipsed by Charlie athlete. But when you consider 2003, 2004, 5, when he and Aiden O'Brien were going to war, and it was the height of godolphin versus kilmore, bally Doyle versus godolphin, you wouldn't have imagined that it would be ten years before he'd win another British group one for said. It has been a long time in the doldrums. Yeah, it's incredible for someone that I'm so huge success as you said back in those days and it was when he had all those good horses and they were going ahead to head

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