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Legal marijuana is in the news this morning Maura on the country that is poised to become the biggest legal pot country in the world. But first the city of Sacramento may add 10 new storefronts to sell marijuana KPK Aubrey Aquino reports. Sacramento currently has 30 pot shops with store friends, and none are owned by a black man or woman. The idea to allow additional licenses to open more dispensaries has been in discussions for years in counseling. Jaysh inner believes now is the time and it's the right thing to dio. Oakland has far fewer dispensaries and we have Denver Has over 230 dispensaries in the city of Denver. So I think going from 30 to 40 is a reasonable amount and again looks at the goals that we have around equity. He also thinks this move could lead the way on how to address issues around equity here and elsewhere. The thing people will look at Sacramento. This is something that we want to emulate, and I think that that would become the wind for everyone General says he expects the council to approve the plan. Aubrey Aquino News 93.1 KFBK, Mexico is poised to become the world's Largest legal cannabis market after decades of restrictive drug policies and bloody cartel wars. KFBK is Jensen Raeder reports. The L A Times reports that lawmakers have until December 15th to make marijuana legal after the Supreme Court rules. A band was unconstitutional. As that deadline draws closer. It sparks more debate over how legalization should be enacted and who will benefit Both sides argued that legalization could change the criminal landscape in Mexico and reduce cartel related violence. Jensen Raider News 93.1 KFBK A San Francisco federal appeals court has ruled that President Trump's bid to redirect more than $3.5 billion in Defense Department funds to pay for building his border wall is illegal. Kate McKay's Dina Kodiak reports The 2 to 1 decision by a three judge panel of the ninth U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals upholds a lower court ruling by an Oakland federal judge. California Attorney General Javier Becerra is praising the decision for quote putting a stop to this desperate attempt by President Trump to steal public funds. California and eight other states sued to block the transfer of funds. Dina Kodiak News 93.1 KFBK State officials are looking into several unofficial ballot drop off box is that Upped up in recent days Thes air in Los Angeles, Orange and Fresno counties. They've also been discovered at political party offices, candidate headquarters and churches. It's believed at least according to the Orange County Register, that these were put in place by the GOP, But the secretary of state is looking into that Alex Padilla. He is coordinating with local elections officials to look into these reports. 7 35 time for your top national stories. The ongoing cooperation hearing for judging Amy Cockney buried to the Supreme Court members of the Senate Judiciary Committee on both sides of the aisle. Making their case is not so much for weather. Barrett should be confirmed, but whether any nominee should be confirmed so close to Election Day, Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, saying the Senate is called at this moment to carry out the confirmation. The Senate is now tasked with carrying out perhaps its most solemn duty. Under the Constitution. Democratic Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois, during his statement, remarking on the unseemliness of the fast tracking on these confirmation proceedings. The speed with which Republicans are moving to fill this vacancy stands in sharp contrast. To the approach taken by the same Senate Republicans the last time there was a vacancy in election year in 2016. Barrett has yet to make her opening statements with continuing coverage. The Barrett confirmation hearing. I'm Dave Packer, ABC News, a local crackdown on illegal fireworks. Interesting timing just for Thanksgiving. Right again. Good news for your neighborhood giving up in three minutes. Your voice can do your vote. No one will be safe in by Newsom can't even call it We're here to make sense of it for you campaign. 2020 on Sacramento's news. Any 3.1 kfbk Christine, let's be honest about our daily oral care routine is a bit of a process. Most of us don't do it right, and nobody really likes doing it. It's all leading to problems when we finally have that's dental checkup we've been putting off I'm Simon and of a founder of quip, a better way to care for your mouth. We make your daddy or okay routine more simple, affordable and even enjoyable without ultra slim and simple to use electric toothbrush a kid's brush, they actually look forward to using refreshing mint. And watermelon, anti.

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