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You know you look at even our roster you have filthy tom lawlor who's in the ufc but sitting out for the moment because of the suspension you have seth petra zelic who knocked out kimba slice you have remember that fight that was one of those you'll never forget it it's totally unpredictable just crazy right and then j j kager formerly jack swagger who's going to be fighting later this year in bela tor and i mean you look at the cross over the connective tissue and we share a lot of the dna and again presenting it as a sport not so much spectacle which i love us good spectacle but we just have to be different to compete and so there's a lot of complimentary crossover and so we fit in that nice fight block in to me to be part of a fight block validates the vision we're trying to ccomplish and it will hopefully help present us as such and back that up to the fan watching at home that they can watch us and then say that was great tom lawlor fight and there's m may coming up cool let me check that out and if you like amigo stay round for the big boxing ten o'clock so hopefully we bring in an audience and they stay through the rest of the night i think that would be w wonderful and they hopefully then grow and grow from there we'll take our second break come back up more questions about m l w and then we'll step back and look at the big picture of the industry today if you're enjoying this conversation with court bauer there are so many more available in our our cats and our archives are available on our website and our vp website is available to utah vip members and you can go vip or just get more information about it decide if it looks like it's something you're interested in by going to w torch dot com slash go the p that's utah urged dot com slash kgo vip this sunday mitchell and i recorded over two hours of a review of the hbo andre documentary and cut through the crap talked about how much of that was fiction and it.

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