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Eighty maybe. You're driving to work maybe driving home from somewhere, depending on what coast you're on. Maybe you're listening as you're trying to shake off some cobwebs have your coffee. Fortunately, cobwebs off of me coffee on it's a good thing. And it's time for straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless. Best phones. Best networks, no contracts had just a little bit. We're going to dive into what Laker president Magic Johnson says about the way the negotiations for Anthony Davis with the New Orleans pelicans went down and why he does not think that the pelicans. Negotiated in good faith, which is very obvious. But fine. I'm good with it. I have no issues with that whatsoever. Magic to his credit handles it. Well, now his Lakers went out last night or yesterday afternoon in Philly. And played well for about two and a half three quarters and it got away from him over the last quarter and a half or so, and we're all watching now is Philly the beast of the east now, they got Tobias Harris. This was a guy a little bit off of the radar at the deadline because he was kind of buried a little bit in L A and with the clippers not the Lakers. And so it's hard to pay a lot of attention to what's going on. We all remember the great clippers start to the season. But how do they do it? Well, they got production across the board. No real superstar Tobias Harris has slid into Philadelphia in the first couple of games that they have won both wins. And boy help spread the floor can knock down the three three out of five from outside yesterday. And what was one forty three one twenty win over the Lakers. But the star of that game for Philly was a guy who is flat out a Laker killer. In fact, Joel Embiid scores more points per game against the Lakers than any other team. He faces except the clippers. And he was dynamite with thirty seven including this quickly into.

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