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Are improving covert situation is allowing for a different kind of Mother's Day celebration compared to last year. Come was Nick pop from reports from Seattle's Pike Place market. It definitely feels much more normal. Now, Gloria Johnston is getting several bouquets for her family, who she's excited to see this weekend. Considering last mother's Day had to be virtual. I have a very large family, so there is a good 15 to 20 of us on his phone call very different. What's different for her today is being around so many people in one place. It feels weird honestly, to be here with this many people pandemic is not over until it's over. And we're definitely still in it. Lacey Fehrenbach with the Department of Health Says it's important that if you're meeting with loved ones on this weekend to do it outside, and with plenty of space, the more people that gather the closer you are the higher the risk is and since the state is leveling off in case is the last thing they want to see is another upward. Spike. We want you to be safe. We want all Washingtonians to be safe, Nick Pompom. Come on us. Nearly 1500 More Cove in 19 cases reported in the state in the last day, the state Department of Health reported 1497 new cases and 99 hospitalizations. This brings the state's totals to 413,000 cases and more than 5500 deaths. So far, the state has administered 5.7 million doses off the vaccine. Eight FT by eight FT. Tiny homes are becoming a popular way for cities to shelter the homeless. In Olympia. There's an effort to mass produce insulated tiny homes. Comas Matt Markovich reports the model that other cities could follow My move with from just this side of where the orange tent is. James was living on pavement. Now he has a new tiny home He helped build. My hands have been on every one of them on a mini Henry Ford style.

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