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People buying your products, a really your boss, and you better make products that are really really well-made have the right quality. And they're important if you're selling your product to retail, it's all about strength when you have a powerful brand. When you are. Veto Calvin Klein, Tommy hilfiger DKNY, my sponsor, Donna, Karen views powerful, brand you get to meet retailer on equal footing. You have something to say, but don't ever forget for a minute. That's their store, and they'll allowing you to sell their customers through their store. I was thinking about that. Because you would think that the leverage be another way. How are you going to get your products out there, you need a place to sell it the respect? But you're talking about brands that can either be able to sell it online or have their own freestanding stores. Right. Yes. With leverage comes from. It's not like any powerful brand. That's out there. They have to be able to be independent was that a question. Yeah. Kind of the answer to your question is there are many many ways to reach a consumer. If you have a dedicated retail strategy of your own like Sarah, only can be found in Sarah's website was arizon- stores. They don't care about what's happening in blooming. Dell's nasal Gordon Taylor Dylan so belts or nordstrom's. They don't care because they have their own stores. But when you walk into department stores who bring a variety of brands the multibrand retailers, they need great brands, but you also need to sell them. And they have choices which the good thing about your question. Leads to the most important part of the Goshi. Every negotiation both sides both parties have to.

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