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And out west breeze kicking in behind the front tonight and tomorrow northwest winslow lower humidity and upper 70s he even see some 50s in the suburbs tomorrow night sounds refreshing doesn't it a couple of straights for possible this afternoon but most of that action again southeast of us down indiana and ohio 88 degrees out there today sixty eight tonight from the weather channel i'm scott lawrimore loose talk seven sixty wjr high clouds eighty one degrees i'm ken rogulski wjr news no way he's the guy gordon maggio on news talk seven sixty wjr well it's in health care version there who whose has anybody keep count chij sir can't the senate republicans trying to both digest and to promote the latest revision to the obamacare repeal and replace effort and there's a lot of folks in n different think tanks around washington trying to do a little digesting and chewing on it as well gene moreau is with the heritage foundation institute for family community an opportunity gene good to have you with us thank you for having me he i know it's one hundred seventy four pages and i don't wanna you i know you have an eta chance to flyspeck this yep it is this a real improvement in the original bill or is this just modifications to appease some republican holdouts if not hang on the bill that would really feeling better on healthcare act early he hit out again the bill is much better than sadeq leaving obamacare and play here in great solid that he's getting a ganic cod by obamacare's individual and founder mark head it it takes more flexibility in regulating their market it does provide for historic medicaid reform it all down allow have paid for their premium in your health aiming account now that's a now how significant is that how many how many families would that affect i don't know exactly how many families that would have fact that's a great question however this is there a a great get bored and helping q equal rights attack create matt died at of health care it really how fame indicator great vehicle to help people take more ownersh at in their health care dollars better spend those dollars.

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